Steam Powered Bicycle- from scratch

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by HoughMade, Oct 12, 2009.

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    Awesome, I want.

    (Stop putting ideas in my head Hough! The voices are bad enough! lol)

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    Thanks For Posting That. Ron
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    Always wondered, if you could condense the steam back into water and reuse it in a closed system, it would be much less restraining. Not sure it would be practical for our purposes. Although pictured on the vid, is a very small engine. (Hmmm, push trailer?) The return already being close to boiling temp, would be a mighty efficient system except for that whole exploding thing. Always a trade off, eh?

    Way OT,.. Dave, just noticed your sig. During the good Mr. Barry's last ficticious run for president, I made beer, well, I cheated. A buddy of mine in S.A. designed lables and at a book signing, presented him a few bottles. Sure it was a children's book, but hey...
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    they have huge cooling towers at power stations. To cool the water for reuse.
    I was reading a book about vintage farm tractors. They had a large condensor radiator on the front of them.

    I geuss the bike doesnt use so much steam. So a cooling condensor wouldnt have to be all that big.
  7. Danny3xd

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    Cool thought Al. Got me thinking a simple used radiator would work.
  8. give me vtec

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    great post... that guy is brilliant!!!
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    Thanks for sharring guy's!
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    Oil Problem

    On Jay Leno's Garage, he remarks that since you inject oil into the steam, you always have the problem of oil in your water. That always prevented a real, closed system. They never figured out a way to separate them out.
  11. Danny3xd

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    Kool, learned some thing there.

    "Reciprocating steam engines, like the ones that power small scale live steam locomotives, require the use of steam oil to internally lubricate their moving parts. These parts include steam admission valves, pistons and cylinders, and valve and piston rods. Steam oil is introduced into the steam supply in one of three ways: mechanical injection via a mechanically driven pump (Aster Big Boy), Roscoe (dead leg) displacement lubricator (most Aster locomotives), and the pass-through displacement lubricator (AccuCraft, Roundhouse, etc.) Steam oil must possess unique characteristics to allow it to mix with saturated steam and hot water (condensate) within the admission valve and cylinder assemblies, and to provide a sufficient lubricating oil film between the engine's internal moving parts at all times" oil.htm

    Found many producers of "steam engine oil" Does that make steam engines 2 stroke? :jester:
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    Nah, one stroke :)
    If it's a usual double acting one, if it's a Mamod type single acting it's two stroke.
  13. Danny3xd

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    LOL, the oceans of my "dunno" really are only doted with islands on knowledge.

    Truly amazing the stuff you can learn from being into this crazy

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