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Jan 31, 2008
South Australia
I hope to start a thread on your story if you ever had a bicycle/s stolen.

I've had 2 and the first was a Raleigh way back around in 1965.
We used to go to a derelict house ( Ghost House) on Nth East Rd ( where Suzuki or the tatto shop now is) and left our bikes outsdie the house. I was under 10 years old at the time and somehow reached the pedals on this red 27" Raliegh, it was the best bike I had at the time.
When we came out running scared, both our bikes were gone !
The other bike was one of those heavy framed original PMG ( Post Master General postman's bike) belonging to a neighbor.

There were several "ghost houses" in the area back then before development on Nth East Rd..

I got another bike to get to school with and that was stolen to. I know who stole it, but could not prove it was who I know it was, so I got ANOTHER bike and I have that bike back from another family dude who hoards things.....,

But the Ghost House Bike still haunts me to this day, it was passed on to me by family and just wished it was not that bike that got strolen cos I had to beat another cuz to get to it first when it became available, any other bike I could not care, but not that particular red Raliegh.
If by chance you are reading this and you stole my bike from the grass bushes in 1965, I want to know what happened to it, is it still "alive" ?

Anyone with a story to tell on how their bikes were stolen might help us understand the lengths some of these low life theives go to.

Today I met another person who had thier motoredbike stolen while they were at work, 2nd person now to have a motoredbike stolen that I know of in the short time I been invloved with motoredbikes.
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I've had 2 stolen as well.

The first was a used bike I bought from this strange lil' shop that sold old vacuum cleaners, bikes, & a few other things. I dropped it in my yard, ran inside for less than 5 min, and I returned to my front yard with a missing bicycle. A couple days later I went back to the bike shop... and the bike was there!! And the d00d who stole it was also in the shop. The store owner acted like he didn't remember the bike, he didn't remember selling it, yada yada. My mom came up there, cussing them out, threatening to call the cops, but we didn't. She only likes to scare people a lil' bit, not a lot.

The second bike... I bought outta the newspaper. It was an old, yellow Schwinn road bike for like $20. The people I bought it from offered to take the bike to my house (this was when gas was $1/gallon), so of course I'd let 'em. I fixed up the bike, had it for less than two weeks, and somebody brought some bolt cutters with them and cut my lock. I'm fairly certain it was the people I bought the bike from, but I'm not positive.

I just think it's a lil' odd that people are conspiring to take my used bikes. I'm about to go check on my bike now!!
I went to college in a hilly upstate NY town. My roommate was a putz so I wanted to get outside. Bought a tan-on-brown huffy 10-speed road bike at a closed-street yard sale party downtown for $10. The derraiullers were all screwed up so it was stuck in 2nd gear. BUT, one was either huffing and puffing up hill or flying down the other side so this was no big issue.

Someone rammed a curb with the rear tire so the rim was bent so I had to adjust that brake real loose. Rather a death trap.

This bike had quick release nothing so I went to the dollar store and got some combination wrenches that I taped to the bike frame.

Parked this heap under the stairs in the dorm; it was a common area and the bike was so shabby it stayed there for months completely unlocked.

Part of it, in retrospect, was a social experiment to see how long it would stay there.

Eventually it grew wings and took off.
I had a brand new black $800 Cannondale mountain bike stolen off the streets of Boston, it was a brand new Kryptonite Ulock locked to a parking meter, left it over night and the mext morning gone with the lock busted.

Only other bike I ever lost was a black & yellow stingray type bike stolen for the public swimming pool when I was kid. I remember taking the loss of the yellow bike much harder than Cannondale, I actually cried my eyes out at the loss of my bike. :(
I guess I'm lucky that I've never had my bike stolen.
I've even set myself up in a situation where it SHOULD have been stolen..
I was at some bowling alley with some friends, I rode my bike, but the others got a ride.. so instead of me finding somewhere to hide it, they pressured me into just leaving it between the 2 doorways, and asking the dude at the front desk to look after it
He said "Sure, I'll keep watch".

Well, I really don't like bowling anyways, so 10 minutes later, I decided to leave. The door guy wasn't there, and there was about 2 people per minute walking in.. The bike was still there, untouched.
This is downtown in a town that has a drug problem, and lots of theft issues.
I had a BMX that was all tricked out then one day the lock was busted and it was taken. Funny thing was, the next day, I was getting a lift into town, being without wheels and i spot a kid on a bike that looked like mine. Customized in exactly the same way in fact. I got out of the car a bit ahead and waited in the middle of the bike lane. He clicked at the last second as he was approaching me, forcing me to tackle him off the bike. Turns out he bought it the day before off another kid. I gave him two bucks for the bus and loaded the bike into the car. Felt quite pleased with myself. It doesn't end there though!! I used the same BMX as the basis for an experiment to attach skis to it. I had removed the cranks and put pegs in place of them. One night for a movie I put the wheels on it and scooted it to town and locked it up with a nice new lock outside the cinema. Lo and behold i came out and it was gone - again!! Had to catch a lift with a friend in a car to get home. Went the long way through town due to misbehaving traffic lights and who should i see but another kid on my bike! I was a little more relaxed this time, instead of being angry all i thought was "not again" walked over to him and took it back! no bus money for him! The funny thing was that cos it had no cranks the poor kid couldn't get away even if he tried. Then i sold it for a darn sight more than what that first kid paid for it! I really miss it from time to time.
Good thread bolts
Sins I put this motored bike together I have always worried about having it pinched. If I take it to a place like Kmart (which is rare) I lock it up like Fort Knox. I also worry about vandalism. Here in Adelaide there isn't manny motored bikes around and they attract attention.
I actually cried my eyes out at the loss of my bike. :(

Ive had two bikes Taxed.
It was 1986
I was 11
my first BMX was taken from the local shops
A Chrome Standish .
I innocently left it against the post
(i went in for a bag of mixed lollies, )--less than a minute .

Never seen it again.

I cried heavily also.

My mum had it on lay-buy it for months to pay for it, i felt so bad ..
Lesson learn't .

in 1993
I Had a Mountain bike (also A Standish) Stolen
From Royal Adelaide Hospital.
They CUT the lock.
Leaves you with a Hollow Feeling