Stolen STOLEN: Santa Barbara, CA

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    Parked in the rack in front of my office in downtown Santa Barbara among other bikes and a moped. Someone cut the lock and stole it in broad daylight right in view of a main street.

    Red, white, and black "Shogun" model frame. Skyhawk 80cc (60cc) two-stroke engine kit w/black fuel tank mounted on top of the frame. Has a decorative front tire valve cap that looks like a green die (see pics). Reward for return, no questions asked. Reward for information leading to return as well.

    I know it's a total long shot, but please contact me ASAP if you know anything about it's location. Thanks!

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  2. GearNut

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    Check craigslist and ebay. Prepare for it to possibly be repainted.
    If you licensed it properly, you can file a report with the police, and if you do find it, the perp. is guilty of grand theft!
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    Might be Iffy of others using bike rack (possible perps). That looks like a very new motor.
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    There have been a rash of stolen bikes here, even in downtown Honolulu.

    I go there every month to pick up my pension check. Once, when I returned to my locked bike, there was this VERY suspicious character loitering a few feet from "THE DRAGON LADY", my twin-engined motorized bike. The guy seemed so out of place, dressed shabbily, with professionals in full suits passing around him. Methinks he was waiting for the pickup van that never arrived. After a LONG period of time, he wandered away.

    He KNEW I never kept my eyes off of him, while I put my gear on.:whistling: