Swinger3 custom 20" rod

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by hurricane billy, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. hurricane billy

    hurricane billy New Member

    well guys and gals i need help . let me know what you think.the little swinger3 is in paint now , will be putting it back together next week. she will carry a 50cc and 3speed rea hub.more to come soon.:evilgrin:

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  2. toolow

    toolow Member

    that is sweet looks cool
  3. super dave

    super dave Member

    hey cool bike what is that last bike you are sitting on, your own custom built, this something i was looking at building. give us more pics of that one and info
  4. hurricane billy

    hurricane billy New Member


    the bike i am sitting on is what was left of my frist build plus parts off of a mnt bike . look for project #4 and it will give more details soon. but for now , i took the rear off of a mnt bike that was going to the trash and used a grade 8 bolt though the drop outs and will be welding a bracket to mount the shock to . so i will have rear movement. should i run the drag bars or i have 2 sets of apes 15" and 25" that can go on this bike. i just wanted something long and low ! and also fast. i will be runing a 24 x 3 rear and a 26 x 3 front tire. also i am working on a custom gas tank that fits in the frame,instead of on the top of the frame. more latter . i hope these pics help !!!!!

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  5. toolow

    toolow Member

    that cool
  6. Bobber23

    Bobber23 New Member

    Agreed, that is pretty sweet
  7. graucho

    graucho Active Member

    Excellent DIY work. I like the your templates. Good idea for fit, before getting your hands dirty.
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  8. hurricane billy

    hurricane billy New Member

    templates are the best. after being in boat yards for years and build hotrods as long as i have drove nearly.(in some form or another).you learn that it is better to think things out then get dirty.not saying i didnt try many other things frist but this was what i settle on. thanks guys