talk about a heat score



I was talking to the guy whom i bought my awesome Diamondback bike from and he casually asked how the bike was I replied good he then mentioned that is was a stolen i'm riding a stolen bike that i put a motor on and the motor alone attracts police attention so if they do pull me over i may get fines for the motor and a charge for posession of stolen i am in the middle of getting another bike ready for the motor, just put the first coat of candy apple red paint on it, tomorrow it's the next coat and then it's ready for the motor. this time i'm taking pictures of the whole process so eventually i'll have something more to post.

Moral of the story.....If you buy a used bike make sure you know where it came from and trust the person, maybe even go so far as calling the local police and checking if it was reported stolen


A guy gave me the TREK I ride. I couldn't believe someone would give away that nice of a bike. I went straight to the police station to check it out. Not only did I get a great gift, the police think I'm an upstanding citizen.:cool:


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i wish i had checked it out I love the bike maybe i'll drop the motor then check it out


bicycle-karma is powerful stuff...if it's hot, someone's bumming out bigtime...i've typed & backspaced a few times, but i'm at a loss for any more words that help...i'd hate to be standing at your crossroads, because i'd soon be without a bicycle (and a "friend") :-/


:cool:i believe in kharma bigtime. besides, you're also contributing to the crime. all your cash and energy will be lost when the police confiscate your pride and joy. you will have a criminal record.
and if the guy that the bike belongs to is a maniac, you'll be dealing with HIM and his pals.:eek:

do the right thing.



by doing the right thing you will make at least 3 people happy ,, the rightful owner ,the police, and yourself ,
and you may find out that the owner may give you a good deal when he see all the work you put on the bike ,or you may be able to buy him a replacement

,riding a mb should be a relaxing and fun experiences ,and riding a stolen bike is nether


Jim H

That's a bummer for sure. The only advice worth anything is to do the right thing as karma always comes full circle.

Large Filipino

Um,how do the cops know what's stolen? When you register a bike they give you a sticker. Stickers come off. I mean,do all frames have serial numbers?
I'm planning to register my bike today. Gonna call to find out where to go. Maybe the fire station.


You are correct to fear a criminal charge. I cannot speak for your jurisdiction, but most places "Receiving Stolen Property" is a crime. The elements are possession of stolen property and knowledge it is stolen. You need not have known that it was stolen when first received.

You have to make your own decisions, but were it me, I not only would take it to the police (after removing your engine of course), but I would tell the police exactly where I got it. It's all well and good to try to watch out in the future, but first, deal with the present- and quickly, you would want to be the one going to them, and not vice versa.

BTW- Here, "Receiving Stolen property" is not a slap on the wrist- it is a "D" felony, exactly the same as "Theft", punishable by up to a $10,000 fine and a year-and-a-half in prison.


The serial number for the bike is underneath the pedal cranks on most bikes.

It is pretty rare for anybody to register this number with their homeowners insurance or with the police database of stolen bikes - simply because most people either don't know the number is there or dont think they will ever need to register/report it.

however Karma is a *****.