Tanaka 32 (where did "ask a question, get a link go?")

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by bamabikeguy, Jun 2, 2009.

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    I got a message in the private page area, was going to post it in that excellent Tanaka 32 thread that was in the "New Members, ask a question....." area.

    The Tanaka 32 can not only do the job, but most folks don't realize that once you have about 1,000 miles, Tanaka sells a carby upgrade that can "supposedly" improve the performance by 20%.

    I don't know who has done this, only that my personal Tanaka 32 has about 4-5,000 miles, screams like a banshee. Having that many miles means I can use Amsoils 100:1 on road trips, I put 3 capfuls (75:1) in a tank, instead of 4 caps of regular oil.

    I was going to point to the previous Tanaka thread for others to chime in and Arthur to ask questions, but "X" marks THIS spot.

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    Hello Bama, I didn't know weather to post in the 2 stroke section or not, so I put it in you pm mail. So thanks for your opion as I value your judement. I just wasn't sure if the R/S 35 cc would be a good choice. I liked the idea of not haveing to mix oil in the gas but it is not a big deal.
    BTW I realy enjoy reading about your long trips. Thay are a joy to read. If I ever beat my cancer I hope I can take a bike trip. Be nice to take the slow lane.
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    The ""New Members, ask a question....get a link" forum never really caught on.
    There were threads with 25 replies & NO links given. It was never meant for discussion.... it was to show the new guys that the answers are already (almost always) here. & the fact that 'search' really works!! :D
    All those threads have been integrated into their appropriate forums.
    Is this the one you are looking for?

    75:1....???? really???? I ran 50:1 Amsoil in my Mitsubishi

    What does the manufacturer recommend?

    (I know....'search' for it....hahahahaha)
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    Denis said that once I got the Zenoah over 1,000, I could lean it to maybe 60:1.

    Then, on the Mobil ride in Jan '07, two fishermen in Bayou La Batre gave me a new bottle of Amsoil 100:1, said all the professionals down there were using it.

    So, knowing 1 + 1 = 2 / .75 = 3.1734....well, I didn't calculate it by mm's or ozs, just started using 3 caps of it instead of 4, and ONLY on my personal engine.
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    I have used the search and have read a lot on about the different motors, expecialy about the Tanaka and the R/S. I just wanted Bama's opinoin that was all. As I said I value Bama's opinoin.
  6. bamabikeguy

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    A new customer, Jimmy Burke, is using the RS 35 with a trailer, won't move his car anymore, uses the bike for grocery runs. And he's about your size.

    If you don't need 33-35+ per hour speed, the RS has nice, quiet low end torque.

    Either one will do the trick, I'm keeping my R/S 35 on the recumbent local, staying around 25 mph. Long distance & hilly climbing will be on the Tanaka.