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    My name is Jeff Spears. I live a spit and whistle North of Ann Arbor Michigan near
    South Lyon. It is almost mid March, there is snow on the ground and I am visualizing
    my new hobby for the coming warm season -- Motored Bikes!

    I am fairly competant with news groups and forums. My approach is: Read read read.
    Post when folks can benefit or with genuine questions only. Use subject lines that say
    what the thing is about. Help keep the thing useful.

    My mechanical experience is mostly of the 'armchair' variety. Although my ability to fix
    old broken cars is fine, I shine more in talking about it as opposed to actually doing it. Not
    to say I am inept---just lazy! For example: I just read a wonderful blurb on Wikipedia
    explaining exhaust expansion chamber. I understand plenty now and can discuss
    this with friends how to build one. Actually *building one* though---chances are will
    probably never get around to it.

    I can certainly fix my own motor bike on the side of the road if it keeps me from

    I have been thinking about posting a question to the forum in the garage. No doubt
    some moderator cruises this group to reward newbys for doing the right thing.
    Therefore, would you find a question asking about any experience using MSD
    ignition circuits made for GoPeds--and whether they would work with Happy Time
    motors acceptable and worthwhile? I searched for MSD ignition and 'spark advance'
    and found nothing on the subject. What say you?

    Thank you for having this great forum. Will do my best never to abuse the privlege and
    welcome any comments from Moderators steering me in the right direction.

    Thank you;
    Jeffrey Spears (K8JEF -- ham radio operator)

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    Welcome Jeff. Glad you found your way here. Nice to see another Michigander here. I'm from Lansing.
  3. fetor56

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    G'day Jeff & welcome to MBc.
    Youv'e got the right idea there(read read read)...any practical advice u might need fellow members will be happy to help.
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    if you have the knowledge to make a go of it, please DO get something started on that more-better ignition idea (choose "frame-mount" or "wild" depending on far you think it will go)...we have to find something practical to do with all those "misplaced" components ;)

    keep in mind that you'll still be dealing with a very primitive and inconsistent magneto.

    welcome to the MBc :cool:
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    welcome to MBc ! :D
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    Hi Jeff, Welcome to MBc! Home of many answers, and awaiting your ideas.
  7. gone_fishin

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    thank you for that...there's nothing like teamwork...enjoy the board :)
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    Welcome to MBc.
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    Welcome aboard, Jeff. Great intro.
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    Welcome to MBc Jeff, Glad you are here.
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    Best regards to you!!--I am new here as well,, seems like a bunch of good guys here!!--I attended college at NorthWood Institute
    in Midland ,, left right after the first snow---to FL. State. What kind of bikes do you have, or are thinking of getting? Take Care, Rhett
  12. Do you have a sister in the music indust...never mind. :grin:

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    Welcome Jeff
    Don't forget your Handy Talkie when your out riding.

    Jim ke3rl
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    welcome...have fun....all of the **tt kissing wasn't's not that bad.
  15. k8jef

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    Thank you all for your nice replies. B. Spears -- yeah thats her all right -- you can't tell by looking
    at us that we're related -- until you compare our bellybuttons.

    Just ordered a Spookey Tooth bike today---It might be a while. Considered just getting a motor and
    bolting the thing onto something in my buddies bikepile. However experience shows I usually just
    end up spending more money in the long run. May try to build my own once a tried and trued method
    is here to compare against.

    While waiting for the thing, will probably spend a significant amount of time dwelling on it and thinking
    up all sorts of crazy ideas. For example a CHT gauge--which I will post here shortly. I will probably
    just post ideas here and let people respond.

    Thanks again!
  16. k8jef

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    Cylinder Head Temperature CHT Guage

    Westach makes a number of real groovy
    airplane instruments. One of them uses a thermocouple ring around a spark plug
    to measure the temperature of the cylinder head (CHT). They have a variety of
    styles available. I was looking at the 2inch gauge with the bullet shaped enclosure
    and pipe frame mount. I think it cost under a hundred bucks.

    I read about these things while reading up on ultralight aircraft. Apparently, typical
    twin cylinder 2-stroke air cooled snow-mobile (ski-doo to our Canadian friends) engine
    has a tendency to 'cold-seize' under certain sets of circumstance. For example, imagine
    flying your ultralight at cruising altitude for some time, then reducing throttle to slowly go
    down as you near the runway, then hit the gas for a powered landing and oops---cold
    seizure. The piston temperature got out of whack with the cylinder temperature.

    So airplane people like to know what their head temp is. They also like to know what
    their Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) is with a simliar set up. In fact, we can buy
    dual EGT/CHT guages from Westach.

    Would something like this be practical and useful?

    What say you?
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    hi k8jef and re welcome to the start a new thread in the picture gallery of your new far as the airoplane info we have an off topic area for just that kind of thing here: good luck on all your endeavors and happy motoring..oh you have the right about reading, when i first joined i started at the begining which was MBc in it's infancy, when senior members were all newbies, it kinda reads like a book really esp. picture gallery, i do not have allot of time on line to go everywhere on all forums...
    well good luck Jeff..
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    Welcome to the forum.