The Motored Biker Revolution!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by sparky, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. sparky

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    I have a feeling that I'm not reaching enough eyes by continuing to post at the end of an old thread in the Law forum, so I'm linking you over there!
    (In case you change your default posts per page, all this commotion is about my letter @ post 37 in that thread)

    Anybody else have any ideas before we raise up our fists and start fighting The Man for real?!?

  2. stringer

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    i want to start punching a buncha ppl in the face which side am i on
  3. sparky

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    Psst... OUR'S!!
  4. stringer

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    ok what r we fiting for again
  5. sparky

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    The right to ride all over America on our motored bikes without having to worry about a cop harassing us just because he thinks the law states I'm riding on a motorcycle. Everybody knows we're not, but the law gives cops just the amount of authority they need to bully a motored biker around.
  6. astring

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    Even in AZ we still have to work to educate the police. Further many of us would like to make violations of the 20 mph limit speeding violations only. I am really toying with the idea of working on that change but I would like to hear more support from AZ riders.
  7. augidog

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    this country hasn't seen a good "protest" in a long time.

    i say we ride on washington dc (at 20mph if we have to)...when we get there, we compile our stats and make a banner...

    "we traveled a total of X-thousands of miles on X-gallons of fuel!"

    "Let the Solution BE The Revolution."
  8. SimpleSimon

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    Not a bad idea. It isn't federal law which is the problem, though.

    I love that slogan - I want a T-Shirt that has the MBc logo, with that in italics under it. Talk about getting attention.
  9. SimpleSimon

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    Something like the attached image:

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  10. augidog

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    i know it's not the fed laws we're after, i like the federal text...i'm proposing we go see 'em and make friends, a gesture that could trickle down to the individual states over time :)
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  11. sparky

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    Can anybody point me in the direction of the DOT letter, or whatever direct source it was, that states a motored bike is its own separate beast (i.e. - only one gear, less than 30mph, etc.)?? Go to the link if you don't know what I'm talking about.
  12. kogen

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    I went ahead and uplaoded it here for ya.

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  13. sparky

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  14. sparky

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    Sunset Provisions...

    So, from what I gather from looking at the DOT letters that Loquin linked to in another thread... if your bike can be powered solely by a motor (electric or gas) for any length of time, then it's a "motor vehicle". It's only "pedal-assist" if it literally assists your pedaling, so if you stop pedaling... you stop. This isn't what I was looking for, but oh well.

    There's two things we should still do:

    ① Inform other people about motored biking. By talking to people in parking lots, adding comments to blogs, submitting articles to blogs (who wants to write the first one?), submitting articles / opinions to local newspapers, etc... mentioning all the goodness we know, and then send 'em to MBc.

    ② Inform all transportation officials (including legislators & governors) in EVERY state that's not MB-friendly. Kerf had the right idea in sending a letter to his legislator(s), but the key is getting numbers.

    I have a feeling that if we started tackling a different state (only the 25 that aren't MB-friendly, mind you) every week or two, by sending letters and then calling and emailing 2 days later... they're going to start tallying this stuff up. [OK, so there's 178 letters, 762 emails, & 281 phone calls from these MB fanatics... maybe we should fix this for them so I can keep my job.] And the great part is that they don't even have to know we don't live in that specific state!! No return addresses even need to be on the envelopes, but you could add one if you'd like.

    As I said elsewhere, at least we're planting the seeds. Worst case is that nothing happens, but I'm pretty sure they can't ignore hundreds of letters, emails, & phone calls. It's hard to see something wrong with motored biking & the need to regulate such a simple piece of machinery, especially when 20+ states have already have separate categories for motorized bicycles, as opposed to motorcycles.

    Soo... we give 20 minutes or less every week for say 30 weeks, and we might actually be able to change MB laws across the country. Then take augi's advice and go on a ride (why march when we can get 150+mpg?) to DC, just to proclaim all this land is ours, we didn't need help from the Federal Government, and we'll have a blast on the trip there, spreading the word some more.

    Who's in to help the future of MBing?
  15. Mountainman

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    I am a little torn here -- yes, that golden 20 mph limit -- seems to sound so good -- when I am wanting to convince ones that don't ride -- how slow and safe these MB's really are -- and there is NO WAY THAT WE SHOULD NEED A DRIVERS LICENSE, PLATE OR ANYTHING... In case I happen to get stopped by the pooolice I have my papers ready -- stating -- 20 mph and under -- good to go -- no drivers license needed -- will my papers work when the time comes ??? Anyway -- HERE IS MY POINT - even with my Subaru 35cc friction drive - which from my understanding is one of the slowest around - it appears my top speed is 23 mph --- I know that MOST ON THIS SITE ARE MUCH FASTER --- there may be a major problem -- are we wanting an all around law passed - 20 mph max - that most of us could not obey ??? Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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  16. sparky

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    We're about to get out of the design stage and start creating threads to get this puppy rollin'.

    If anybody has any comments or suggestions to what we're doing, we're all ears.
  17. loquin

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    FYI. The Federal Register that kogen posted is not a NHTSA proposal - it was actually proposed by the Department of Transportation (DOT.)

    The National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a far narrower definition of what constitutes a motor assisted bicycle. Fortunately, they are a child organization of the DOT, and in the event of conflicting guidelines, the DOT proposal would take precedence.
  18. uncle_punk13

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    I'd like to see the federal speed bumped to 30. That seems to be what most state's with provisions for motoredbikes seem to be statinbg, and I believe it to be a bit more realistic in more ways that one, buit he biggest seeming to be that It's going to be hard to convince anyone that this is the alternative, when trying to commute or shop at any distance with a top speed of 20. But that's me. :)
  19. Mountainman

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    to uncle punk13 and all others -- yes, I understand what you are saying here. top end 30mph sounds reasonable - even though my top end is approx 24 - many if not most - wouldn't be happy with that.. You know those rating links on this site ? Maybe that is the best way to find out what's wanted by most.. I would like a top speed of 25 to 30mph - if over 16 no drivers license of and kind required - to be treated as a bicycle... Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  20. datz510

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    30mph is MUCH more realistic for a max speed limit. That's what my MB's max speed is. It is also the limit at which I feel the bicycle can physically safely cruise at. Mine cruises comfortably at 23-25 mph, which in the grand scheme of things is actually very slow compared to the 50-60 mph I see ppl driving their cagers on the 45mph limited surface streets.

    Something needs to be done. MBs are a revolution in the making. As gas prices keep going skyward, more and more people will be looking toward cheaper transportation.

    Im in for letter writing. Just let us know who and when and I'll send letters.