TLE43 upgrades/power adders.

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by jahmez20, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. jahmez20

    jahmez20 Member

    Does anyone know from personal experience what you can do to the Mitsu motor? The carb is non adjustable, and I haven't seen any big bore kits, please help!

  2. fastboy9

    fastboy9 Member

    Hi, there is a big bore kit available that turns it into a 53cc, dont expect much added speed but there will be more torque definetely. This engine is commonly used in goped's, midi moto's, petrol scooters, mini choppers, mini harleys, some older pocket bikes, petrol skateboards etc.

    You can get expansion chamber pipes for it, air filter and velocity stack sets, boost bottle, even nitrous!
  3. jahmez20

    jahmez20 Member

    Do you know of any sites where I can find these items?
  4. fastboy9

    fastboy9 Member

  5. loquin

    loquin Active Member

    I don't believe those are genuine Mitsubishi's - I believe they're clones.
  6. fastboy9

    fastboy9 Member

    Yes they are replicas of the mitsubishi TLE43, I believe the only thing different is the pull start.
  7. Eco Speeder

    Eco Speeder Member


    Mine has an exhaust manifold spacer and a velocity stack . The boost was not huge but improved the low end which is great. And gave it a deeper sound. The manifold spacer also makes the motor run a bit cooler. A good thing if one plans to stress the engine with other add on's.

    I got an adjustable carb which is hopefully bigger than the stock one for $26. That alone (given it is bigger) should provide more giddyup. I am still waiting for my boost bootle to go with the new carb. I put out a post hoping to get some inside info on the boost bottle but so far no replies.
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  8. jahmez20

    jahmez20 Member

    Right on, let me know how the carb works out. I'd like to see what kind of performance it adds.
  9. Eco Speeder

    Eco Speeder Member

    ..hehe , you and me brother. I've been patiently tapping my foot waiting for the B B kit to arrive. But as far as boosting performance, it's not all in the engine I've come to notice. Having tough strong rims will boost pull and top end.

    After I bound my spoke crossings with copper split bolts, I can feel how the torque pulls on the snap ring side of the wheel while accelerating thus straining the spokes on one side more and making the tracking of the rear sublety wheel wobbly.

    I only noticed that becuase the new split bolts reduced so much slap, sway and flap in the overall performance of the rear rim typical at the speeds of a motorized bike. From what I've been reading about the spoke ring / rim strenght issue I'm surprised that the GEBE spoke rings hang on for so long with weak stock rims before they lose grip.

    And tires. I plan on doing more motorized bike builds in the future. I cannot see myself using any other tire than the Geax Evolution. For the street running motorized bike rider, it's the best tire out there.
  10. jahmez20

    jahmez20 Member

    I run a friction drive, so I don't have the spoke issue. Since I have got my tension down PERFECT I have at least a hundred miles on my current tire, an Oddyssey Frequency G 20x1.75... We're talking apples and oranges! All of these kits/systems require some tinkering. I like the idea of the GEBE, and I rode a HT Boygofast today, vibrates like **** but it's got some power. Friction's OK at best but I have mine dialed in and I'm pretty happy. I'll either keep my Mitsu and put it on something else, or I'll do something completely different with a chain drive like Staton's... Anyone in the Seattle area have a GEBE I can test ride to help me make up my mind?
  11. Eco Speeder

    Eco Speeder Member

    Sounds like you have a decent rim.

    My 43cc mit spent most of it's life (3 of 4 seasons) on a sport street pimped friction drive bike. In effort to economize the tire eating thing I got a heavy duty rim. That made the bike faster and I would get a solid 900 -1100 miles from a tire. Before that it was more like 400 - 700 miles per tire, with the best friction drive compatible tire.

    About tension, correct my if I wrong but I assume you mean the the gap between the drive roller and the tire. A tricky thing. Get used to adjusting it.
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  12. jahmez20

    jahmez20 Member

    Actually it's locked, I need to upload pics... I have a DE system, took out the springs and have it rigid on the bike... Odd, but works, let me know if you want pics.
  13. Eco Speeder

    Eco Speeder Member

    I have my own bike issues to deal with having been liberated from the friction drive and can now concentrate my efforts on breaking the motorized bike speed barrier.

    But if you want to send some pictures of your setup I will be glad to offer my humble analysis of your De setup.
  14. jahmez20

    jahmez20 Member

    Sure, anything helps, I'm guessing you run GEBE now?
  15. Eco Speeder

    Eco Speeder Member

    Oh heck ya!
  16. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest


    I also have a Mitsu SLE 43cc engine/friction drive on my cruiser.

    I just took my ADA-1 goped pipe(the circular one) off my pocket bike engine/Staton gearbox and mounted it onto my 43cc engine!

    The entire operation took about an hour. I did have to saw off the mounting bracket, and now the pipe tucks neatly into the bike's centerline. The long exhaust studs were replaced with shorter bolts.The plastic exhaust panel bolted on after removing 3 slats for the pipe's exit.

    I'm motoring downhill to McD's for breakfast. I'll know when I return if there's a power increase. The uphill climb pushes my bike past its limitations, and I normally have to pedal-assist towards the top.

    I believe I have a governor, which I'll replace after the engine breaks in.

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  17. jahmez20

    jahmez20 Member

    Sweet, let me know. I am cautious with messing with the carb because it makes the motor EPA approved, but then again putting a different exhaust can make your motor run lean if you haven't put a bigger jet in your carb.. Let me know what your results are!
  18. jahmez20

    jahmez20 Member

    I was wondering, what kind of a top speed do you get with your GEBE setup on the flat?
  19. Eco Speeder

    Eco Speeder Member

    The Wasp

    I don't have speedo yet. I found a sweet one one at wallymart but it did not work with shock forks. A bummer; it was wireless, back lit and had an accurate thermometer.

    So I can only compare to how fast it went when it did have a speedo back in the friction drive days. At its best it would go about 37mph back then. It's doing at least 40mph+ now. And gets there quick. Now I can ride center lane on major thoroughfares and keep pace with traffic. The spoke binding on the rear tire added 4-5 mph easy. If I spoke bind the front rim it would probably kick it up another 2-3 mph.
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  20. Eco Speeder

    Eco Speeder Member

    I would not bug about maintaining your EPA cert. At over 100 per gallon, you could be running on radioactive Russian after-market diesel sludge and still be the cleanest vehicle on the road on the miles per pollution scale.
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