Too much crankcase pressure


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2:19 AM
May 28, 2008
Lebanon, Pa.
My Whizzer blows oil out the filler plug (anyway I think that's where it's coming from). It coats the front of my back fender pretty bad from the top frame rails down & also the chain guard.
When I park it I have oil under the bike. People say "hey you have an oil leak". I just tell them it's like the old Harleys I use to have.
Anyone else have this problem or am I alone? I think I read somewhere that Quenton has a fix for this.
Howdy Check oring on dip stick if it looks good ,tape seal around dip stick to narrow it down ,after doing these things and it is forsure leaking around dip stick threads than you need to call dave at whizzer ..Bill Green Vancouver Whizzer
Quenton fixed it !!

Quenton's oil separator design fixed my problem!! I made it today & took my first ride without losing oil. I'll attach some pics.
Thanks Quenton,


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Quenton fixed it !! Part 2

I should have added that the oil wasn't coming from the filler plug like I origionally said.was coming from the little crankcase breather tube.