Took the Plunge on an Staton Axle Mount today

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ollicat, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. ollicat

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    I ordered a Tanaka PF4000 axle mount kit from Staton Inc today. I have a RANS recumbent that I am dying to try it on. Specifically, I want something that will get me going from a stop. That bike is great once you hit about 10 - 12 mph but getting started is so hard. I weave around trying to get going and it can get quite embarrassing. And if starting is going to mean going up a hill, I will get out and walk it to the top. So hopefully, this axle mount will have more torque on the low end than the GEBE system I have on right now. I love the GEBE system and will transfer to my Townie.

    I will let you know how the install and run goes. But don't wait to impatiently, it will probably take me a month or so to find time to do all of this. I travel a lot for business and then when home, 3 little kids and a honey do list that is a mile long.

    If I hate the axle mount, then I will sell the mount minus the engine and buy another GEBE and attach the Tanaka to it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  2. ollicat

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    Still waiting to receive it. Hopefully the kit arrives today
  3. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Good luck dealing with Staton.
  4. Richard H.

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    Good luck with your project, I'll be curious to know if that kit fits your application and how you like it in general. BTW, don't be deterred by negative naysayers, Staton stands behind everything he sells to an original purchaser and I've never been disappointed with any purchase.
  5. 5-7HEAVEN

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    How can you say that Staton stands behind EVERYTHING he sells to original purchasers?

    Are you speaking for ME as well, an original purchaser?

    Are you speaking for pickettdeblanco, also an original purchaser?
  6. Richard H.

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    I was addressing the OP in this thread, who just placed an order, hasn't even received it yet, seems enthused about his purchase and should be granted the chance to make up his own mind, and enjoy planning his project. Coming from someone who likes to get preachy about negative posting at least have the decency to stow your own agenda and going negative on his before it's even played out.

    Again, all the best ollicat, hope the drive system works out for your application and meets your needs.
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  7. ollicat

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    I received the kit and it looks pretty straight forward for the install process. Unfortunately, this is trade show month so I am working most weekends for the next 3 - 4 weeks. Hope to get it installed in February. It is going on a recumbent. I will post pictures when finished. The concept looks good, now it just remains to be seen how well it works out.
  8. Stoney

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    I am interested
  9. AltonKeel

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    I just put the same drivetrain/engine combo on a kmx typhoon and it worked out well. I also have a rack mount and the axle is much better IMHO
  10. ollicat

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    OK, got the Tanaka PF4000 axle kit installed. I switched bikes however. Now I have it on a Sunray SX which is kind of a relaxed position bike. I will post pics soon.

    But let me say this. I REALLY like it. It is so nice to have the motor further away. I have only taken one, 20 minute drive on it so I know that it will get stronger as I break it in. The Tanaka is louder than I am used to but I kind of like being noticed for safety reasons. I think the axle mount is less visible too which I like.

    Peddling without the engine running is just like you have no engine. The drive wheel doesn't even turn, no gearbox or chain turning either with the engine off. It is a really nice setup.

    Right now the only con is a more vibration on the frame than with my GEBE setup. But there is more low-end torque so it is a good trade off.
  11. rawly old

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    i can tell you for a fact, that if staton stands behind everything
    he sells, he stands way way far back on some of it.