Top Speed Formula?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jboisclair, Aug 17, 2008.

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    I tried to search on something that I found before but couldnt find it again. I thought I heard someone say there is a way to figure out what your top speed should be say @6400rpm and with like gear ratio and wheel size. I have 27" wheels, so I'm hoping after my engine is broken in it will have a good top speed. Also If I changed to say a 36T sprocket the formula could say what my top speed would be then.


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    hi jb; it will go faster than legal and faster than most bikes are built for. wear safety gear every time. good luck.
  3. HI,

    Can't tell you what your speed would be with 27" tires BUT my bike with 26" tires
    at 6400 RPM (dax 70 / Sen Dec Fast Tack) was 34.4 MPH.

    27" tires should be a little faster if the engine can pull the same revs...

    Maybe somebody else with more math skills can figure it out?

    Hope this gives you a starting point at least.

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    When your hands get numb you are at your top speed ....... LOL.