transmission using the gears on the bike?

Neat set up....I'd like to see a good pic of how it all goes together....I paused it but was still hard to see.....engine hanging so far off center may feel weird tho. Good post.
I also paused the vid... the motor appears to intercept the cranks; in other words, the rider can probably no longer pedal with that setup.

I think he's shifting with the rear derailleur; if he is and cannot pedal, then it's no longer a motorized bicycle; it's now a motor-driven cycle and would perhaps require some sort of motorcycle endorsement on one's driver license, insurance coverage and annual registration to be entirely legal in most states.

It's an 'outlaw' bike. LOL.
:cool:There's a 9-minute video where Steve rides his bike, and explains in detail the trappings of his bicycle. His X50 HONDA engine is mounted completely starboard of his bicycle. He mentioned that it is adapted to a moped transmission, via STATON adaptor.

Listening carefully, the bike owner MIGHT be Canadian.:eek:

In his lengthy video, Steve claims that this bicycle can do 65mph, although in his review he says it does 60kph.

Listening to the engine and watching his video, Steve's bike does not seem to have the brutal acceleration of a properly-geared machine. This is especially true if his top speed is as high as 65mph at maybe 7000rpm.

I'm not downplaying Steve's motored bicycle. I think he has done a good job of mating a moped trans with bicycle gears.

Whats canadian have to do with anything ?
did i miss something?
please explain .\

I'll ask again , just what does that statement imply.
Also who are talking too?
this is a fresh thread that doesn't have anything to do with you or steve unless you have something constructive to add.
yet you take it upon yourself to just drop in and insult and belittle a fella whos not even here??

\ Let me ask you a third time
QUOTE:Listening carefully, the bike owner MIGHT be Canadian.:eek:

What is you point ? What are you insuating, suggesting, or stating with that comment?
Because I live above the 40th parellel , what??
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Gotcha; though I hosted that image of the "chill pill". Since it wasn't really bike-related data, I figured The Board wouldn't mind.

Pardon me.

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:cool:Jesus, man, chill.

What I meant was that maybe Canadians don't have stringent moped bicycle laws as we have in the United States.

Unless I got the name wrong in the video, Steve is the gentleman with the bike, moped trans and HONDA engine. It is totally pertinent what I brought to this thread.

What many people might now know is that the Canadian Embassy smuglgled many Americans safely out of the country in Iran, when the Ayatollah Khomeini was after their blood in November 1979-1981.

Hats off to Canucks!

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canadian motoredbike laws are actually much more stringent tham US laws
if it has an engine, it's a moped...that's pretty much all there is to their laws
(I am from ontario, originally)
I like this. He is only using the rear derailer, and the chain goes over the engine sprocket. This might be fairly simple. With the bike started in low gear, no pedaling would really be needed, just a little bit of push off with your feet. This looks pretty cool. You would have 8-9 gears to go through depending on the cassette. I wonder what kind of top speed you could get?