Wheels Truing up a wheel?

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  1. I just bought a Husky XF-D equipped wheel and when I installed it on my springer forks, the rim was not centered on the hub and my big balloon tires rub on the one side of the forks.

    I'm going to take it off and check it with a straight edge to be sure but, I'm pretty sure that I'll need to move the rim over by loosening the spokes on the tight side and tightening the spokes on the opposite side. I was thinking of going in 1/2 turn increments and loosening all the spokes on the "tight" side first, then tightening all the spokes 1/2 turn on the "loose" side. this will be my first attempt at tuning a wheel.

    My question is, do I need to remove the tire and tube so I don't damage them? I put a liner on the wheel but I'm not sure if it will move around when I turn the nut on the spokes. Anyone ever do this before? I spun the wheel before putting it on the bike and it was straight but I didn't check the wheel to be sure it was centered. I'll know better next time. Any info is greatly appreciated.

  2. I took off the tire and tube when truing a wheel,i took a spare bike fliped the bike upside down and put this wheel on it to true the wheel,i looked online how to tru a wheel,i only did one wheel and it worked. Then i put the tire and tube back on and put it back on my regular bike i use.

    But if your wheel is straight then you only have to move the axle over(or use nuts and washers) so that the wheel will be centered on the fork.
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    Would definitely try that first, adding a washer or two may be all it takes, also WAY easier then messing with the spokes. Perhaps it's not even the wheels fault- could the fork be "off"?

    If you do end up trying to "dish" the wheel using the spokes then do a bit of research first- youtube has a ton of how-to videos, might save you a few headaches :cool:
  4. Thanks for the responses guys. I'll give it a peek and see how it looks.