Ugly little thing

here are some pics of my ugly little build, I spent all of 4 hours on this build but have put on more then 1,500miles in the last 2-3 months. still going strong but ready for a rebuild.


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I'm not sure that clutch mod will hold up long term, but I love the skull stickers and the ingenuity. Looks like it'll run, and that's really the goal, isn't it? If you wanted to clean that engine up, they do sell heat-resistant engine paints...
Look out Silver Bullet!

I like it! It has color! Looks like its actually used. Who manufactures that seat? My wife would love one. Is that a tool belt? I have one I don't use, that a wonderful idea!
The seat is cloud 9. It's got the cut out for my boys and so far its the best I have tried, I think like $40.

My clutch works great, easy pull. The old one broke so I came up with that. I gridded a few flat spots on the clutch arm shaft and taped some 8-32 screws to hold it in place, holds fine. I was going to use a top nut to hold the whole thing in place but the threaded stand-off broke so it was industral J/B weld to the rescue. With the longer clutch are there is a large window from engaged to disengaged so setting the clutch is a no brainier. I used that little break cable piece to guide my clutch cable around the seat post and it works beautiful.

I dont know if you can tell by the pic but I did use some high temp paint. Just white on the head and black covers. When I have time I'll repaint he bike and engine to match but for know its my work horse.

I had that old tool bag and mounted it with some drywall screws into a backing block, with a metal plate inside the bag, that suckers not cumming off. Got the bike pump mounted to the side of the rack under the bag.

I take this thing 20+ miles a day to and from work, cruse at about 27-31mph, top out at around 42mph. Boygofast 66cc.

My new mountain bike suspension forks should be here any day, unfortunately I might be in the booty house come friday.. Don't drive w/o a DL kids!!!
The seat is cloud 9. It's got the cut out for my boys and so far its the best I have tried, I think like $40.
I'm sorry, but I'm not getting the proper image in my head. Could you explain to me what cut out your "boys" are so fond of? I'm dead serious, it looks like just another seat... or maybe you've got some different kinda boys than me.
The cutout in the seat in down the middle.
Any guy who has ridden for a long time on a rough bike will appreciate that missing material. Only guys though, it umm... makes a space for the different anatomy there.
nice... if you don't mind me asking... how's the rubber mount working out ? less handlebar vibration ? ... and the sprokeet size to get your cruising speeds ... howmany teeth ?

Excellent .. thanks - Doug