Used cooking oil as MB fuel?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bilboby, Aug 17, 2010.

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    As this can be acheived for car's i'm wondering if it is possible for MB's and if so finding a seller for purchasing the fuel adapter kit.


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    Not too sure if this could be done on a small 2 stroke engine like this.

    First thing I would think of is immediate loss of power!
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    I've seen bikes powered by a small diesel engine and run on bio-diesel. Pretty much the same configuration as a four stroke installation,just a different powerplant.
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    I would hazard a guess that straight cooking oil would require a lot more compression than you are going to get out a happytime
    here's a link to a site that used to have plans and instructions for turning two old water heaters and a couple of five gallon buckets into a cracking device to refine cooking oil into diesel
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    you would need A LOT of compression. any kind of oil (like diesel or vegitable) ignites by compression, not by spark or fire. glow plugs are only there to heat up the cylinders, NOT to fire the fuel.
    you would also need fuel injection, and fuel pump that would give very high fuel pressure to inject the oil into the cylinder.
    you would need a feed and return line to and from the fuel tank, and you would also need one heck of a filtering system to make sure that the oil you would be getting is 100% free of debris and foreign matter.

    small nitro r/c car engines work on the same principle, they have a lot of compression but they burn a 20% nitromethane fuel mix. they are based on 2 stroke engines but they have a glow plug like a diesel, which is only used to get the engine started. once they are running, the fuel is fired by compression.
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    If you scroll way down the page there is a small scooter with a Chinese clone (Yanmar) diesel motor.. (Lots of others also) and I've got a homebuilt scooter/bike/cycle article somewhere in my junk....(found it)

    I doubt there is a small enough diesel engine being built for a standard bike conversion,but I've seen some 6 hp ones that look a bit larger than the 4 strokes being used from HF (honda clones) that could be used with Bio-diesel...straight cooking oil would gum even them up though
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    It used to be that way, but technology has come a long way. Although the cost on these small engines would be monstrous compared to the price of gasoline, even if it can be done.
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    That's more or less exactly the case. To run an engine on unmodified veggie oil, there are three basic requirements:

    1) The engine must be a diesel engine

    2) The oil must be preheated to reduce its viscosity. Usually this is accomplished by running a heat exchanger from the water cooling system through the veggie oil tank.

    3) The engine must have a way to start it and warm it up on regular diesel or chemically refined biodiesel.

    Using waste veggie oil adds another requirement:

    4) Waste oil must be filtered to remove particles, and heated to drive off any water content, before it is ready to burn in an engine.

    There are very few diesel small engines. They are all expensive, large, and heavy compared to their gas equivalents. And before you could consider putting one in a small motorcycle and running it on veggie oil, you'd have to work out some kind of preheat system for the veggie oil tank.

    All that means a lot of expense, size, weight, and inconvenience. If biofueling is the goal, it would be far more feasible to run a motorized bicycle on ethanol. Probably any of the engines in common use could be modified to use ethanol or E85 instead of gasoline.


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    Thank's MB comerades on your thought's and answers for the thread looks like i'll be sticking with having to pay 1.36 euros for filling the tank.


    NB: Off topic but is their a way off exactly measuring the oil/gas mixture for european weights & measures for a 2ltr tank? Only asking cus i'm sure i'm using to much 2 stroke oil when mixing thus often seeing black smoke coming from the exhaust.
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  11. SimpleSimon

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    bilboby, the mix is a straightforward volumetric ratio. Doesn't matter if you are measuring in cc's or ounces, so long as the ratio is correct and both fuel and oil are measured in the same units.
  12. RedBaronX

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    this is a a gas/oil ratio calculator that is both metric and Imperial

    and yeah, as Simon said, ratios are absolute no matter what units of measure you are using
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    Among others, Northern Hydraulic sells biodiesel processors to convert vegetable oil (new or used) to diesel. Here's s link to one of theirs. Using this approach, no modifications are needed for the diesel engines.

    Apparently, you mix in some methanol and KOH or NaOH (as the catalyst) as a part of the conversion process.

    NH sells 4 or 5 different models - from the basic, $2500 manual model above where you measure and add the chemicals to the tank, to a $13000 unit where you fill the tanks, "press the big green button, and walk away."

    Apparently, the process takes a couple of days to finish- the oil gets circulated and mixed during the processing, which removes the glycerin from the oil.

    They also state that, if you have a source of vegetable or animal-based oil, the remaining costs are about 85 cents a gallon. (If you contract to haul away used cooking oil for free from the fast food joints, and you could pay for the processor in a couple of months...)
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    A non MB friend who read this thread whilst on a visit last night suggest's my topic is pointless as he say's that given the MB gas tank holds only 2 gallon it's still very cheap riding compared to used vegi/animal fat oil. I replied & told him that my thread was not really about cheap riding but more about green eco riding as i'm aware that 2 stroke engine emissions are very pollutant. Alas i've still not convinced him that MB riding should be taken seriously.....

    Happy MB riding

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    You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.
    Good luck convincing your friend. Persistence may pay off in the end, if he's not of the horse mindset.
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