Volunteer Support Run



"YOU take charge! If you're serious, it'll happen." - spunout

And with that in mind I announce the
Volunteer Support Run of Spring 2008

The route from Saskatoon to Regina following the Saskatchewan river then down to Moose jaw and over to Regina. This will be a total of around 400 Kilometers and will include (with any luck) at least 3 bikes and one support vehicle.

The purpose being to continue raising awareness of volunteer needs and support volunteers already out there.

Why such an early announcement? I plan to document the construction of the bikes here as well as our attempts to gather everything from "cultural" government grants to donated food for the trip. For any other Canadians this info may be of some value for their own projects. We also want to involve a specific organization in our area but are waiting for their response, which could take some time.
This project is still developing and any suggestions from this forum are more than welcome.

Anyone interested in joining the ride will be provided with an email however until that time feel free to PM me or post in this thread.

Link to area map:

Organizations involved:
Osler Historic Museum
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon (Pending)

Mayday (Shaun)

Support Staff:
Acountacus (Dallas)
Sensei (Jeremy)
Hi Shaun....this sounds like a fun event and I may be interested if it's in June or very late May. Sure would be nice if you could drum up 8 or 10 riders. Good luck in getting it all organized.

Well, Shaun...I'm bumping this up because it's been awhile. Was wondering if you'd made any progress? it's a worthy cause, that's for certain. you've put what you have together very well.

didn't someone suggest a name change to the thread? perhaps something with Canada in the title, would bottleneck some Kanooks into this.