Wal-mart Genesis Onex 29", complete build!

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    I've been gone from the hobby for a couple years, and it's time to start again!

    I previously built a cruiser from a Giant Simple, aluminum frame, cruiser. I loved it, but couldn't keep it through circumstances. Now I'm back and ready to roll! I've been reading and searching, and now have a plan.

    I have ordered a Wal-mart 29" Genesis Onex, $162 after tax. I pick it up on Friday. I read all about the bike and builds and this and other sites, Rat Rod Bikes was one of the best regarding the actual bike. It requires a few simple upgrades to ensure reliability as a daily rider; rear hub rebuild, crank/pedal rebuild, and an over-all tightening and inspecting. I'll probably be changing the bars and strengthening the stem, swapping the cranks and pedals, modifying the rear hub, and replacing the stock seat and post. It's going to be a project, and we all know how those go!

    I also ordered an 80cc kit off eBay for $140, shipped. I spent time looking at all the different options, from all the different sites. I noticed they all had the EXACT same items, free pieces included were even the same. Then I noticed that a lot of members had issues with several different vendors, no one was better than another. I decided the eBay protection was worth it, and i could sort to find a US seller. I've bought and sold lots of things on eBay, and when there's a problem they handle it. Not a lot of BS. It should be here in a few days, coming from New Jersey.

    I'll be tearing that down as well, and rebuilding it. Everything will get inspected and tightened. Not a lot of upgrades planned on the motor, probably an exhaust and that's it. As long as the carburetor has no issues, it'll be just fine stock. I'm looking for reliability with simple maintenence.

    I will be adding the CNC sprocket adapter. It will eliminate the issues caused by the 48 spoke setup and the stock sprocket. I haven't ordered it yet because I don't know the rear hub size... Any help on that would be appreciated if anyone reading this already has one. Once I know, it looks like a $40 purchase.

    The bars will be 13" ape hangers, I already got them from bike berry for $15! They even have the 1" center for the larger stem, but are 7/8" bars for compatability with throttle grip and accessories.

    Front brakes are going on for sure. I'm a big guy, and it's a big bike, the extra stopping power will be appreciated. I grabbed a pair of V-brakes for $15. The bike already has the mount, it'll be an easy addition.

    That's the start. Next weekend looks like a busy one, hopefully I'll have a ready ride by the Monday, 4th of July, festivities! I'm planning on documenting as much as possible throughout the build, so please ask questions. It's hard to cover everything everyone is considering a question, but I'll certainly cover mine. I'm hoping this little chat will start a build worth reading. It was fun to read my old one again.

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    Use it till it brakes. Get your money worth. You never no it might last 12 months till it brakes. You bye a bike a rim an stuff to make it good. So bye a better one to start with. Like the motors after you bye 2 /3 66cc you could of got a 49 cc 4speed 80kmh scooter second hand $200. Then welded the motor on floorless. Even in frist you can sit 20kmh all day
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    I've been thinking more about swapping the cranks. Is it necessary? I'm not going to be using them, lol. I think I'll just pull them apart, and make sure everything is well greased. Probably change pedals, but the cranks won't be getting any significant use, it's motorized!

    Any thoughts?
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    yeah, you wont be peddling much at all. no need to touch the cranks or pedals. No need to grease either tbh. Better to save grease for the rear wheel bearings.
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    That's what I was thinking.

    It's a "new" Walmart bike, so that first assembly needs to be decent. Not that the factory didn't do a good job, I'll just do it myself. Everything will be disassembled, greased, and rebuilt to give me peace of mind. That should be enough.

    Just picked up a tube of grease, bearings for the rear hub (I'm going to ditch the caged set) and a crank puller.
  6. hmbab2000

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    OK, ready to begin. ..

    got the bike

    Got my motor kit. ..

    Got a hub adapter, 1.5" hub, 40T..

    Got a pipe. .

    Time for the slow build to begin. ..

    First the bike. I disassembled it completely, peeled of all the stickers, and gave it an overall inspection. Not bad, not great. First impression is that it's worth the $150. I barely got the rear tire off, those bottle were tight! I pulled the rear hub apart, just to take a look, and it was pretty well greased. I put the hub adapter on, perfect fit. The cranks feel a bit harsh, I'll pull them tomorrow and see what's going on in there. Once the initial inspection was done, I had to mock it up.


    Everything looks like it going to fit nice. The motor sat nicely inside the frame. The pipe doesn't need any bending. And the best part, the tank fits perfect! The ape hangers don't look bad either. Tell me what you think, ask me questions. I'm here.
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    Couldn't resist, and was up at 5am. I rebuild the rear hub. Modified the brakes shoes slightly. Chamfered the edges to allow grease to ride OVER the pads, instead pushing around them. greased everything, and reassembled.

    Then i figured I could mock up the motor, check the mounts and see what's need. Placed the gas tank, just need some longer straps. Piece of cake. Attached the pipe to check pedal clearance, looks perfect but will be better when the motor is mounted properly.

    I'm going to leave the cranks alone for now, they look questionable but since there's no wiggle, and they're still new I'll give them a chance. I won't be pedaling much.
  8. hmbab2000

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    So I'm not liking this rear hub. The bearings were crap, i expected that. I got replacements. The modification to the shoes didn't do much. I think I just want more. Here's a picture of the bearings, one of the original cages was bent. It has 7/32 size bearings.
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    Wow, quite a day. I got everything done and the maiden voyage was a success! Took it around the block a few times, nothing failed. I might have opened it up half way, but I doubt it. The big wheels sure do roll. I felt like I was moving pretty good for 1/4 throttle as I cruised.

    The rear brake is so soft it is rediculous. I'll definitely be adding some v-brakes. I don't think there is anything I can do to make them better. I feel like the big wheels just have to much momentum once rolling.

    So far so good.
  10. Randall

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    Nice build!
  11. hmbab2000

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    Today was great!

    I pulled the cranks, they seem short but they're not. I wanted longer ones, I feel like their to short, but 175mm isn't much longer than 170 so I left them. Also had to fidget with the stock tensioner to get the chain to ride straight, it was riding one side of the sprocket heavy and wearing. Of course the local bike shop only had v-brakes for fixes and road bikes, so still no front brakes.

    I went for a ride, maybe 5 miles, just to feel it. It's new, so it seems OK. It's a little choppy on take off, but cruises nice. Holding the throttle steady there's no jumpiness, or stuttering. It's strange to be waiting for a failure, tough to relax on these first few rides. The pipe is decent, smokes a little bit I'm running rich for break in. Haven't hit any sort of power band, but the rpms have been pushed either. I'm having to run a 40T, and it's pretty heavy. I think that explains the choppy take off. I'm expecting the 44t replacement, but the speed might be nice. I'll run it as is and see if it's too much when I get a chance to open it up.

    Here's a few post ride pictures:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Ahh, the look of a new engine. All my engines are crud up with grease, oil, and road crap. Yeah, I clinch my teeth every time I go for a ride waiting for something to blow up, but it rarely does :confused:

    Looks good though. Chain with stretch; you will adjust tensioner. Head bolts will stretch too; and you will retighten hopefully with a torque wrench. Otherwise, take it easy on the speed until you are comfortable with your braking setup.
  13. Great Pics! My first motor gets here Wed. & I'm looking forward to the install. I never did an install before & have minimal mechanical experience but I know a majority of any issues can be resolved by looking them up on the forums or asking my fellow members for some helpful feedback. Right now I have a few preinstall questions I need help with & since hmbab2000 just did an install I hope you or someone else has the answers. First I've read that certain factory parts are basically trash and higher quality parts should be purchased prior to the install. From what I've read these parts include the spark plug, fuel filter, and all of the bolts need replaced due to the low grade medal. Is there any other parts? Also what's the sizes & quantities of the bolts I need to replace? Secondly I read alot of different opinions on the correct oil/gas ratio to be used during the break in period, what really works? The instruction manual says (I downloaded it) 20:1 but I've read opinions ranging from 16:1-25:1. Also what brand of Oil is suggested? Any other tips will be appreciated.
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    Thanks for the words. As far as the engine kit, it's stock. At some point I will replace the plug. The filter too, but for now it's just a runner. I'm going to run a few tanks through it, then run it. The hardware is stock, I haven't changed any of that yet. I just make sure everything is tight before and after each trip.
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    You should have good luck out of that bike. I have a buddy that rode his for about 500 miles with only having to adjust the rear hub..... He would still have it if it wouldn't have got stolen.

    Good luck!!
  16. hmbab2000

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    Good to hear it held up, sorry about the loss! It's revealing itself to be a pretty decent ride.

    I just got in from a few miles. And it rolls pretty nicely. The low speed stuff was a throttle cable issue. I didn't realize it was caught until I tried to adjust the idle, and got nothing. Now the idle is set nice and low, and initial engagement is much smoother.

    I'm going to venture out for about a 15 mile journey. Just need to pack a few tools in a towel, load the backpack, and I'll be off.
  17. hmbab2000

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    OK. Nothing ventured nothing learned.

    Had quite the afternoon. I took off, and everything was going smooth. Until about 300 yards in, it died. Great! What now!? Duh, open the petcock... lol! After fixing the "problem" I was off and rolling. Cautiously feeling every move of the machine, waiting for the fail. Everything was good, i started to relax and enjoy the ride. Then, disaster!

    The bike stuttered and lost power, but the engine was running. I looked down and the chain was gone. I immediately recall my first failure years ago, master link was backwards. As I pull over I wonder. Turns out that's not it, the chain broke!

    As it turns out, the rear sprocket came loose. That probably caused the chain to fail. Luckily the chain didn't do any damage, it coiled up behind the sprocket after breaking. Unfortunately I didn't carry the chain breaker in my pack. So I had to pedal home, about 2 miles, and fixed the problem.

    I'm not sure why the sprocket came loose. I used loctite on all the hardware, but it came loose. I was sure to SUPER tighten everything this time. Then I hit the road again. This time I was watching that dam gear the whole time, it never came loose again.

    I rode it strong. It was 7 miles to my destination. I kept the throttle steady, varying my rpms and cruising speed. I never really opened it up. I did pass one speed gun that had me clocked at 28. That's good enough for me. Got to my destination without any further problems.

    The ride home was very much the same, except I did run it up a couple times. Never wide open throttle, but I did get an idea of how this beast is going to! I'm guessing it will probably push 40mph wide open with the 29" wheels, and the 40T sprocket.

    The bike rolls very nice at speed. I can't say it is the most comfortable, but that will get tuned in over time. Definitely needs a better seat, the stock one is that good. And the last need is front brakes! Brakes are already on order.

    It's a success! More to come....
  18. hmbab2000

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    I like the bike, but the ride isn't the best. The braking is bothering me more than anything. I'm disappointed I didn't ride the bike before I bought one. I mean I sat on it in the store, and sized it up. But actually riding one, tuned and tightened, I didn't.

    I have a few issues I'm trying to overcome.

    The first is the brakes. I've modified the brake shoes to improve lubrication of the hub. I've added a front v-brake, it only produced a minor improvement. I'm about to add a rear brake too. In my opinion the coaster brake should have the ability to skid, this one won't. I'm not convinced it a "quality of product" issue, I think the big wheels just need more braking support.

    The second big issue is the geometry of the bike. I'm not very comfortable, it feels like it's the orientation of the seat to the pedals. I've adjusted the seat position, and height, but can't quite get it. The pedals feel like they are located awkwardly. Then, when pedaling, it feels like I'm pedaling a tiny bike with no leverage gained from positioning. I looked into longer cranks, but these are already 170's. Maybe a laid back seat post.?

    So now, I'm looking at a new bike. Probably a 26er. The 29" wheels are cool, and certainly roll, but I want to stop. I'll leave everything mounted, and continue to break in and ride. But I'm going to find a comfy bike that stops. Craigslist has a lot to offer. I'll keep the thread posted.
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    So I went for a little ride, and noticed it was noisy. I wasn't sure if it was me being paranoid so I came in to tinker.

    I removed the large cover, covering the couch. As I did, a washer fell to the floor. Then as I removed the cover a screw fell out. Once the cover was off I could see my new problem. The small gear drove the screw out, against the cover, and not it was not flush with the large gear.

    I tried to re install the screw, but the tip is roasted and won't start the thread. I tried to push the gear back in but it won't budge. Any advice? Is the gear supposed to sit flush? There is a space behind it. ..


  20. hmbab2000

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    It's been a long work week, and it's not even over yet. I haven't even touched the bike. I did, however, order everything needed to fix it. Though is not all here yet, i have a good little list of things to do.

    I received my center kickstand! That's going to be a huge improvement over the leaning one in there now. I just prefer the center style.

    I bought an upgraded CDI ignition. I got the "hot shot" unit off eBay. It turns out it came from Gasbike. I'm hoping this should smooth out things a bit at speed.

    I ordered the center bolt, and a new chain... From Gasbike. Shoot, I could've got free shipping had I known about the CDI coming from them. Oh well, lesson learned.

    I'm going to purchase a new, quality, pair of brake shoes. It was suggested to me that the cheap brakes came with cheap, hard, shoes. Makes a lot of sense, and cheap enough to try.

    I'll be doing all this Friday, hopefully. Not sure though, the weeks not over.