WANTED: 12 guage spokes and nipples for 26" wheels

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Flying Waldo, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. Flying Waldo

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    I am building some wheels with a Bendix coaster brake and a front drum brake setup. I am now finding out that these spokes are uncommon. I noticed new wheels come with them, but with hubs I do not want. Also, I am painting the rim itself and don't want spokes on them yet. I have searched and come up empty! :confused:

    Here's a place that carries exactly what I need down at the bottom of the page, but it looks like they only sell wholesale! :mad:

  2. Mountainman

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    they carry them down the mountain from here -- local bicycle shop

    ride that thing Mountainman
  3. Flying Waldo

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    hmmm, I get attitude at my local shops in Central CA. What is the name of some shops you guys know that carry them? I was even told the other day at a shop to go find them myself. :???:
  4. ocscully

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    Here is a link that offers 12g and larger diameter SS spokes http://www.hiwheel.com/ click on accessories and then spokes, you will have to be able to tell them what size spokes you need though. Ridable Replicas is located in the San Francisco/Oakland vicinity. I've also seen recent posts here that Dan's Comp has 12g spokes listed on their web site but does not offer them for sale on-line, http://www.danscomp.com/435925.php?cat=PARTS Dan's is primarily a BMX supplier/parts store so again you will need to know your spoke lengths and then call them to confirm that they have the sizes you need/want. If you need a spoke calculator?, there are links to a couple of good ones at sheldonbrown.com http://sheldonbrown.com/rinard/spocalc.htm

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