What are the best bike helmets?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Dora, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Dora

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    Is there a specific brand or type that is best for safety?

    I read somewhere that cheap helmets are just as safe as expensive ones. What more do you normally get for pricier helmets aside from style?
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  2. Street Ryderz

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    If the cheap helmets were as good a quality as the dot or snell approved ones then they also would be approved but trust that they would not pass the standards testing!
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  3. Frankenstein

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    Just get a well fitting Snell approved helmet. If it passed the tests then you won't have too much to worry about.

    Unfortunately I don't think anyone took the time to crash themselves two dozen times to rate which helmets left them with the least ouchies, what you are asking for might not even exist (yet.)
  4. Jonj57

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    The safest helmet is a full face DOT or SNELL approved motorcycle helmet. If you high side your chin will thank you, I know this from experience.
  5. crassius

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    I wear a 'sons of anarchy' helmet so I don't look like a spandex dork.
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  6. FurryOnTheInside

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    Surely it is a personal choice and depends what kind of bike, speed, and what type/style of riding you do, and whether stealth is an important factor.
    I think the less extra weight you add to your head, the less chance of receiving serious neck injuries. Carbon fibre offers the best strength:weight ratio.
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  7. charlienameless

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    I just got my first bike running a couple of nights ago. It was icy and raining so I had a hoodie on for protection. NOT recommended. probably. maybe, I'm no safety expert.
  8. JGH122

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  9. Randall

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    Raining and ICY with hoodie? ..... NO, NOT RECOMMENDED! That's a quick trip to the hospital. You might want to rethink that.
  10. Giro Scamp with MIPS (XS) --- 5+
  11. Tony01

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    A helmet isn't a fashion statement ya retard! It's a vital piece of safety equipment. They say 30% of accidents hit on the chin cage, but from my experience it's closer to 50%. I got a solid white full face for $60 from CycleGear and it fits perfect, has the right vents where I need em and the visor is decent enough quality. If you want fashion and safety get a MX helmet.

    Our motorized bikes we may go slower, but we have much less traction than regular motorcycles. Thus we are more likely to hit the ground at any speed. I've gone down at least 3 times on this new helmet. Already have two sets of scratches on the visor and chin cage, and some much deeper road rash on the side.
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  12. Frankenstein

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    I don't think you're in the right about saying it's not a fashion statement, nor calling people retarded will win you favors here.

    I added led strip lights to my helmet, very vibrant and for some reason older ladies (40+) just keep commenting on how cool it looks when lit, also added reflective red and white tapes to it, looks cool, even made some teeth with blood on them from the same tape to decorate the front.

    Personally if my helmet was very decorative (and costly as a result) I would try even harder not to fall since that would ruin the finish.

    I've seen plenty of helmets in motorcycle and motocross magazines that are plenty protective and look real f***ing bada**.

    Stop being so mad about stupid crap that obviously is outside your range of likes or interest, if it was truly a stupid or retarded idea being promoted then please by all means let the person know, but otherwise just find a new thread to talk about (no I'm not claiming I'm better than you, I'm just as guilty of being an asshole but I don't think I ever pissed on someone's parade for their desire for aesthetic value.)
  13. I'm looking at helmets too, the typical pedal bike after you buy it says, NOT FOR MOTORIZE BIKES well that pisses me off cuz just lost another $26.00 on moree panic botor bike crap and there is a story to those Bell bicycle helmets I remeber one guy getting on the radio news with a bitch that he demands somebody in the bicycle industry provide helmets for topal injury looking at one its the only thing going to protect why? Because of the front brake sometimess works so well that the bike flips over head over heals slaming the rider straight down on the top of his head the guy also mention 2 comrads with injury and death including himself, it happen to me on a 10 speed flip the bike right over but I tuck my head rolled on my shoulder, lucky.
    Next if you are going for an eggshell seen some painted like a watermellon, get it everseen one smash don't like the innuendo might just happen, but with me I would diffently get a dual shell why? Cuz you are going to half get goggles going at higher speeds i have had pebles fly up from off the front tire has mass and inertia can do harm including blindness putting on glasses is a hasel they pinch the ears and get lost another thing bugs not only do they delibretly aim for the moisture in your eyes they also delibretly aim for ones mouth I am not a toad I don't need the protien and seldom do they make it to the stomach their inhaled right into the lungs. Las fall I was so sick from them and since I bought the Wallmart bicycle hard hat instead of the dual visor ones for night clear the other tinted for sunny days, I went to Harbor Frieght bought a face shell to take a hundred mile trip.
    Another thing is weight even if DoT approved I have heared from cops that the impact and stopping will acctually fling your head right off your shoulders decapitiated. So feeling one thinking of it yes it could happen, so it lead me to a trip of buying a army helmet made out of kelvar light material and installing a dual visor until I check with war surplus stores the cheapest was around $280.00 for a used eggshell too much, but to find the light wieght found something at REI a mountain climber helmet supper light wieght but no dual visor half to instal might void warantee and again over $200 + so with all in all said I'm still looking around for Mr. Right at the right price wieght and function, let me know if you find something.
  14. Oops also forgot to add, talk to a cop long ago he said, you think your protected with that helmet you got it wrong peeled many off a brick wall their face smacks into it crushing every bone in your face including forehead, so I forgot the name but you want one with the chin that sticks out also head injuries hurt like hell and just because you die it doesn't mean the pain is going to die too it will follow you into the grave!
  15. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    The one you ALWAYS wear whenever you ride ;-}
    Even a bicycle helmet helps once.
  16. Tony01

    Tony01 Member

    Not mad or angry about it just calling it like I see it. And this is an extremely important topic IMO. I bet there are a lot of other users and lurkers that will read this thread too, so I'm gonna lay it out how I see it:

    valuing fashion over safety is retarded. not a ATGATT nazi, but even in the 100+ degree summer I don't wear flip flops, shorts or single tshirts when I ride, unless going to gas station at less than 25mph (pedal speeds). Even then I wear my full face. Though this summer I think I will ditch the sweatshirt for some armor over a tshirt.

    To survive in this life one needs to make good judgement a habit, in this case wearing the safest gear you can afford. Sometimes when you make too many bad decisions they can combine and form an accident. Its been a rough week for me and my family. a couple days ago my cousin died at 31 literally from a habit of bad decisions, for at least 8 months prior, right up to every day of the weekend leading up to her death. Very sad and a vaguely pointless death. What the inspector said above is right. The pain goes to your grave and beyond, in the people around you. What I learned is: it is very, very easy to die early with bad habits in judgement.

    Riding a motorbike is generally a bad decision. So if you're gonna wear protective gear, don't half-ass it. Open face bad decision #1. black helmet >> overheating >> dehydration >> worse awareness and reflexes, bad #2. Another mistake here or there, throw in some plain old bad luck and you have an accident that in worst case sends the openfacer to the hospital for weeks getting reconstructive facial and dental surgery, and for me would have been sit on the curb and chill for 5 minutes, then keep riding.

    Edit: the helmet I got is the safest option for the least money. If I had more money I would get a lightweight cf helmet with the built in rearview mirror, which would also probably have better quality vents, lower noise, visor etc. There are a number of full face helmet styles that are fashionable too. Retro styles , regular, MX, dual sport, even those gay modulars are probably better than open etc. with so many styles out there there's just no excuse not to have a chin cage IMO.
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  17. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    I'll say that first, in all honesty, with all the impacts I've had on various vehicles, the chin guard was a "life saver" many many times over... Even as a stupid 13 year old kid something put me off about the idea of just smashing my chin off a snowmobile dash let alone a tree or boulder. So my first pick was a chinned helmet, and still is.

    As far as picking fashion over protection you have a clear point. But to take a page right from the Snell foundation it's obvious to even them that an ugly helmet is less likely to be worn even to an uncomfortable helmet. Yeah get that? People actually willing to wear NOTHING instead of wearing a helmet that's ugly, stupid is what stupid does as they say.

    Now the only foreseeable option with stupid people being stupid and many laws lacking in requirements for even full size motorcycles in regards to head protection would be to encourage ANY helmet, even if it's oversized and one of those retarded as sh*t skull caps (halfers) since at least there's a tiny chance the person will be slightly more likely to survive. In the off chance they end up with full reconstructive face surgery then I would hope the regret the bad helmet choice, and they will probably wear a better one if they ever go out riding again, if at least to protect the million dollars and months of agony that was just invested in their face.

    At the very least they will make for good candidates for helmet safety commercials, kinda like the burn victims they put on the side of gas cans nowadays,and act as a solom reminder to us folks with operable brains and good looking faces why helmets are so important.

    As far as Snell regulations go I'm rather certain than chin bars are required for all Snell certification except for horse riding helmets. As a quick test I punched in to Google the words "Snell helmet" and "dot helmet," and results for Snell helmets all were closed face, while dot helmets were primarily open face as browsing through images revealed. The only thing that pisses me off is that my hard earned tax dollars are going to a federal regulation agency that regulates safety on the road would let any old guy with a paintbrush simply draw the letters dot on the back of the cheapest piece of plastic imaginable and say it's OK, but God forbid I slow down and roll through a stop sign at 2mph when there's obviously nobody there!

    Funny enough if you start comparing European traffic anything to the United States you'll start to think our regulations and ideas were written by a huge f***ing flock of clowns with crayons since over there they simply have their sh*t together for the most part.

    Anyways, I won't be able to stop people from wearing less than adequate helmets, and in their opinion the one they have is probably good enough, and I'll promote wearing a carved out open faced cantaloupe with duct tape chin straps if I think it will lessen the chances a person will die.

    You can make your own rear view mirror as an add on for your helmet, no bolts needed, velcro and surface area are key and effective.
  18. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    I can't do full shoe helmets on an MB, too smothering, but I did wear one when I rode motorcycles.
    I find a 1/2 shoe and sun glasses to be much more comfortable, especially in Phoenix heat.
    A bug at @25mph can be stopped with sunglasses, a bug @75 not so much which is why you need a full shoey, plus you get the extra bonus of being more aerodynamic wearing a full shoe.

    As for footwear the simple rule is if you can slip your feet in and out of them, then don't where them to ride.
    If your brakes fail, all you have left to stop with is your shoes so you don't want them coming off.

    Speaking of brakes you need one on the back AND the front, period, and put the best you can afford on.
    I find just an 'always on' front strobe light and really good brakes will prevent a wreck and thus the need for much more of helmet, and the best brakes are discs.


    The faster the bike can go, the better the brakes you need and why this 40+mph build has dual discs.
  19. SteelHorseRider

    SteelHorseRider New Member

    What KC said.

    KC, that is one freaking amazing looking build. I want one! From what I have read and seen on your website, hands down you build some of the nicest rides available. A lot of experience, thought, and design has gone into your builds and it shows. For someone like myself just getting into MBing, I want something with superior design, quality, safety, power off the line + speed, and reliability that is going to last for years of enjoyment.

    I will be calling you soon.

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  20. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    While I've never owned or bought or ridden a kc bike I can still tell that one of his rides wouldn't leave me with any remorse in buying. Definitely has his sh*t together.