What Don't You Like About Grubee GT-1 Bicycle ?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by BGRooster1, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. BGRooster1

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    Is this bike all it is said to be ?

  2. Bob Mac

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    GT-1 bike

    I have one I just put a honda 4 stroke on. The bike runs great. Some things I noticed about the frame are, frame is poor, small in size, tires rims and spokes are good, seat sucks. handle bar riser broke after about 3 rides, very dangerous, Mine came with an additional riser. Couldn't figure why it came with it but now I know. Brakes are adequate. The 3rd brake is worthless. front shocks are fine,so far. Would I buy one again, No. I should have bought the worksman that I was going to buy before I got side tracked. A little more money in the beginning but the end result would have been higher quality. I don't have a lot of miles on mine yet because I need lights and turn signals before I can license it. Got stopped by the fuzz and was told to walk it home. After he chastised me about the bike not being legal he did say " that's the coolest thing I ever saw" he then said " I'm going this way, I suggest you go that way". By the time I got done talking to him, I don't think he even knew what the law really is. Good luck
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    Wow . Broken risers suck . lol Hope you didn't get to messed up .
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    BobMack, I think you're right about the cops not really knowing what the law is concerning M.B's. In Ca. ya gotta almost reg. it like a motorcycle and have a M-2 license. All the cops ever mess with me about is a helmet, (I wear one). and sometimes loud pipes. I do intend to register all three of my bikes A.S.A.P. but untill the cops catch on I still have some time.
    Big Red.
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    So . Has anyone else had problems with the Grubee bikes . Supposed to be a few hundred or so sold of these bikes . If this is the only problem with one bike . They are golden

    Wish I titled it : What don't you like about Grubee GT-1 and GT-2 bikes ?
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    Bob Mac . Looks like you have had the only bad Grubee bike made .