What fuse size do I need?

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by salq, May 5, 2014.

  1. salq

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    I bought a used bike that included a 48V / 1000W front wheel hub. The switch went out, which I took care of, and the fuse went out. The glass fuse that was being used doesn't have any markings I can make out.

    Can anyone help me with the V/amp rating for a replacement fuse?


  2. butre

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    Buy a set, they're cheap. Swap fuses until one doesn't blow.
  3. HeadSmess

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    a nail.

    or, another way...48 v.

    1000 watts.

    1000/48= 20 give or take.

    20 what? amps, duh.

    a 12v auto at 20 amps...only good for 240 watts. you will never find an auto fuse of a high enough rating. a nail is better! maybe, just maybe , a 24v truck fuse, at 40~50 amps.

    a 110v 10 amp...good for 1100 watts.

    not entirely certain thats the way to do it, but it makes sense to me!

    the important question is...why did the fuse blow?