What is the right oil to use?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Finding Nico, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. Finding Nico

    Finding Nico New Member

    Hey all,

    I just finished my kit and I am about to start my gas mixture. I bought a quart of Valvoline multi-purpose 2-stroke oil. I was wondering if that would work fine?

    I was also suggested to use a 16:1 ratio since I will be breaking into my new engine. I have read about users putting in a 32:1 ratio right away. Any suggestions?

    Thanks :)


  2. Dave C

    Dave C Member

    ...you have opened a can of worms:whistling:

    No, you should not use that oil. Regular oil doesn't provide the protection of the synthetics or synthetic/caster oil blends.

    16:1 is a little rich. This time around I'm breaking in the rings at 24:1 then once it's broke in 32:1.

    The synthetic/castor oil blend is avalable from motorcycle shops, you're not going to find it at a Albertson's. ;) It seems that the blend works to protect the top piston/connecting rod bearing better than straight synthetic.

    Oils are such a personal preference things that people will get into fights over which is best. I'm useing some fairly expensive straight synthetic, XPS. I can get it in gallons at $25 per or by the quart for $10.

    People ask about the milage. I tell them I've been getting about 130 MPG, then I tell them the truth, the fuel with oil is $6 a gallon:rolleyes7: (that's at 16:1)
  3. geebt48cc

    geebt48cc Member

    I agree with Dave. So, second that!!!!!!!~16:1 is a soup of oil mix......
  4. Finding Nico

    Finding Nico New Member

    Thanks guys,

    I really appreciate the information. I found a motor bike shop next to my house that has it. :)

    Can't wait to fire it up!
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