What is this? A fake whizzer?

Fake Whizzer?

Hi, well......... yes, ok. There was a time when a group of WC-1 style Whizzers came to America (Immagrated?) they were sold under 2 brand names, Cruzzer, and Cyclone. There were NO NE5 model bikes under any other brand names as far as I can tell.

If you do register one, DO not call it a Whizzer (even tho mechanically it is), register it as the name on the bike. I have heard that the Whizzer serial number range will NOT include those numbers, and no-one needs to be at fault with the registration, in any state?

I have a 2000 Cyclone Cruzzer. Mechanically it is a Whizzer. The NE upgrade is a perfect fit. Any parts you need are available from your local Whizzer dealer or Whizzer USA. Just ask for parts for a WC-1 and you will get what you need.



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