What type of plastic is this?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Nuttsy, Feb 5, 2010.

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    I'm looking for the name of a certain type of REALLY HARD plastic and maybe where to find it. I read a while back on here that someone was using this stuff in place of the tensioner wheel! Since I don't know the name, a search was useless. One of its uses is also artificial ice skating rinks. I think it was maybe an acronym type name--maybe not.
    If anyone knows, please post. A source would be good too.

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    I think I remember the post you are referring to. If so, it was Delrin. Machines beautifully.
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    If you are looking for delrin or nylon stock go to mcmaster carr online quick shipping and smaller stock
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    Delrin, I imagine.

    Ultra High Molecular Weight plastics typically are not hard, they just wear like iron because they are self lubricating and the degree of polymerization is very high indeed.
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    You can work UHMW plastics on a wood lathe with wood turning tools. Just run the lathe at its lowest speed, don't get the tool hot. It is good stuff for wear points and such - in the wood industry it is used as wear plates under carrier chains on lumber sorting tables, has been for 20+ years now. For obvious reasons you cannot lubricate the chains themselves.