hey guys, was just perusing the forum and saw that we had a new member- LokkusMaid. i think this is another one of those randomly generated memberships as the website given is a porn link. :censored: i have notified tom. we gotta keep the rifraff outta here if we want to succeed as a community.
the forums are great and i really get a kick out of what some of you guys write about... bamabikeguy, you are quite a piece of work! :) (in a good way, of course! :LOL: )
Good eyes, good eyes....

I say Tom should promote you pronto, "Scout First Class", that rookie label is a misnomer. TOM?? The man from Jackson deserves two stripes!

Only two googleMB alerts today, both in Canada, that Ontario electric guy, possibly the same as the Wikipedia debate, plus something called

OPERATION PORCHLIGHT, delivering free energysaving bulbs for folks to use, delivering the bulbs via electric bike (Ottawa)

Electric bikes get green light for pitch

But NEXT hurricane season/Burning Man festival, we might be organized enough to provide help and/or entertainment.....

Anyway, 3 gun salute aimed Mississippi way. Vigilance is the first step to vigilante.....i guess.
:eek: 8)
Yeah, those "labels" are just something i was screwing around with to see if they worked. I have to change them. They are based on the number of posts by the user. I could do something like this:

0-4: Training wheels
5-10: Novice
11-20: Rider
21-50: Motorized bicycle expert
51-100: ....

These are all I just came up with off the top of my head just now. Do you guys have any suggestions?

I'm not so sure that the 2 people who signed up were automated. If it becomes more of a problem, i will look into preventitive measures. That guy "lockousmaid" you mentioned had posted something saying "I looked at mosers site and it was really good! Why did you delete it?" or something like that. (Moser was the guy that originally posted the porn site).

Do those people actually think you are going to go buy their porn stuff or whatever just because they spammed a link on our forum? wtf.

Anyway, if it happens again, I will do something, but for now, I will just wait and hope it doesnt.
We could use the old Stratego board peices, but I'd rather be a Bomb than a Feild Marshall.

Just be stingy when you hand out Avatar privilages, let's say, and once a week award "best motorized bike advise of the week", something that everybody needs/wants. Like that light/generator do-hickey Wingo was talking about (don't understand the wiring, just tell me where to send the check).

Therefore Quality not Quantity becomes the key, and keeps me out of the competition (much like the Minnesota Twins, it appears).
hahaha, I love Stratego. Nobody ever wants to play me in it though.

I will have to futz around with the avatars. I am still learning all the features of this forum.

hay why not have cafee press make up soem t shirts for us a wheel with ings and pedals on it with the site address .
or some thing kooky
that sounds pretty good. i'd probably pay like 15 bucks for a cool shirt. :D
Hahaha, I have some stickers, I will send them to you guys for free if you PM me or send me an e-mail with your address.

I did look into getting some shirts made, but it turns out that if I ordered 53 (which would be the minimum) It would be over 400 bucks. I thought about cafepress, but I didnt think people would want to pay for them...

If you guys send me some picts, ill get something up.
History lesson...

check out this early thread......read it carefully. Look at the dates of the posts.