What's up guys! newbie from Ventura, CA

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    Hey everyone, I'm Davey. Put on my first MB kit, the chinese 66 or 80cc 2 stroke thing lol.
    I was hoping to get her running right away, but my cruiser frame isn't of the normal sort so i've run into some hiccups.

    I purchased the hub adaptor because after installing the rag joint I realized that it was just way too sketchy, so I got the hub-sprocket-adaptor and installed it today. The fitment of it is great and I have zero complaints there, but now I'm trying to figure out the whole "my chain rubs on tire because of the coaster brake" BS.

    I recently moved from Seattle and I don't have any of my tools. The local bike shop is being really cool and they're going to let me use their bench vice to hammer out the coast brake in order to get the fitment right. Sprocket was definitely not lined up true due to the coaster arm.

    The plan with this bike is to commute to work and back so I want it to be as reliable as a chinese 2 stroke will allow me. No speed runs and style points just yet haha.

    With that being said, I plan on going either V brake or disk very very soon.
    The rear wheel has to go, but I have no idea which freespin/single speed setup to buy :(
    26" rim with 1.5 diameter hub 2.125 tire coaster currently on.

    Okay now that I've got all that out of the way, here are a couple pics of my bike!


    Motor/tank mounted and stock bars back on:

    Got the bars cut and they feel great:

    And the most recent pic (everything except for the sprocket and chain are on and ready to go now)


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    Make sure you put some blue loctite on your sprocket adapter bolts, they'll back out on you.