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    Hey everyone. Recently I have been having a problem with the rear tire of my bike. When I'm riding, it looks like the tire is going to come off. Instead of spinning in straight circle, it kind of spins off to the right and looks like it's wobbling. Occasionally I can feel the tire drag like it's going to come off. Is it the rim or perhaps something else?

    Thanks in advance!

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    First: Until you figure this out,... NO RIDING!You could be playing a dangerous game, at the very least you can lose big $$ in bike damage.
    My first thought is wrong tire to rim size.Take the wheel off, fill to near max PSI and see if you can push it off by hand.If it shows bead anywhere while you're pushing, somethings off.If it stays on you've got an extra wonky tire.Bike tires are only approximately round.Second thought, possible flat spot/spots in the rim, damaged rim.
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    don't forget to check that your axle is straight and that your wheel bearings are adjusted properly
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    loose axle, loose axle nuts, loose spokes.

    sounds like, if you have a rag joint, like you got broken spokes.

    its up to you whether to keep riding or not.

    i aint paying for the coffin, is all ;)
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    Thanks for all of the tips and replies! I appreciate everything you guys said.
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    Also, there might be nothing wrong with the wheel or rim. Your trouble might only be that the tire is not seated in that rim properly.

    Let some of the air out. Down to about 10-15 PSI. Then 'massage' the tire until it's sitting in that rim nice and even all around.

    Then when you're refilling it watch it closely to make sure that one part of the bead is not 'popping' out off of the rim edge.
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