when i run my bike, the gasket gets burned and starts melting.

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by chegarty15, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. chegarty15

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    if i just ride down the road it gets very hot. it starts melting and then steams up. am i doing anything wrong that you could think of? i am new to bikes sorry if it is a stupid question.

  2. masterx1234

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    what kind of gasket are you using?? also if you have a 2 stroke kit it should of came with a metal gasket, you shouldn't use any foam or cork gasket because it will not work, if you didn't get a gasket, go to your local auto-zone and ask them for liquid gasket, it works wonders, it is a liquid based gasket that hardens after you apply it, i have used it on several kits and it hasn't failed me yet
  3. tooljunkie

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    which gasket are you speaking of?
    head cover gasket,intake or exhaust?
    what oil/gas ratio are you using?
    the engine will get very hot,mine even smokes a little after i shut it off.
    sometimes the oil builds up and burns off,making a little smoke.
    head gasket may be a little loose,studs should be checked and nuts should be retorqued with a torque wrench.
  4. chegarty15

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    i am talking about my exhaust gasket. i just assembled my bike so i am using a 20:1 ratio. i am new to this. how many gaskets do you put on you exhaust? i just have one paper gasket that come with the 2 stroke kit. i received 2 exhaust gaskets. one blue and one maroon. do i put them both on at once? if so in what order?
  5. Fabian

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    If the exhaust gasket is melting, running 20:1 oil/fuel ratio and assuming that the jetting is somewhere near correct, then i want your kind of horsepower, because i'd be overwhelmed with pure joy as my rear tyre goes into meltdown laying rubber corium from standing starts, followed by white knuckle death grip on the handle bars that come from 1/4 mile power wheelies.
  6. tooljunkie

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    one gasket is required,blue is the intake,maroon or tan color is exhaust,usually thicker.
    if its at all loose,or if the exhaust pipe flange isnt perfectly flat,it will burn gasket out almost immediately.when installed,the pipe and muffler cannot be touching anything,as it will cause exhaust to be misaligned.

    some people have installed without,a light bead of high temperature silicone sealant will help seal.snowmobilers do this all the time and my dodge v8 has been like that for years.