Which engine should I get?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Shaun, Oct 9, 2016.

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    as I was saying recently homeless after a bad divorce. I moved to Utah from France where I was living to get a bed on wheels this gentleman builds http://dignityrollerpod.blogspot.fr/2013/08/survival-pod-7-l-x-3-w-x-3-h.html ...

    I need a 4 stroke engine of some sort and I am working 2 jobs currently in order to purchase a engine and move south before it snows because mopeds don't work well Ming up and down a mountain in the snow and ice but not sure which engine I need.

    I am 260lbs and the bed is about 100 more and I need to travel 1,500 miles .... currently looking at ghost racer 7g, flying horse 5g or a Titan XC50R from www.thatsdax.com .... not sure what engines you personally build and sell to compare. .... up to you if you want to help or not but I'm only asking for advice for free nothing else