Whizzer engine drill starter


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Jun 14, 2012
Grand Rapids MI
The first picture is a whizzer engine stand i made from plans i got off this site.

Then i decided to make a small engine drill starter from plans i got off of youtube.

The second picture shows a ‘71 ford mercury starter drive that i bought on ebay. I removed the outer spring assembly.

I then cut a 6” 3/8 socket extension. I cut it so that when installed both ends ride in the bushing located inside the starter drive on the side with gear. I sanded and polished both cut ends with a slight.

The female side if the socket extension is inserted to the point the expanded part is touching on the starter drive side without the gear. The other end is just riding in the bushing. This centers the socket extension. This is first welded.

Then the male side of the socket extension is inserted in the gear side of the starter drive and welded.

The third picture shows the engine drill starter with a socket on the male end and a drill adapteron the other.

This allows the engine to turn over using a drill but once the engine starts and is turning faster than the drill the starter drive slips and allows you to remove it without damaging the flywheel bolt. Or ripping the drill out of you hand.


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