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    Today I received the carb kit and a spacer for wizz,I started removing the carb and cleaning the area with sandpaper for particles not go into the engine I place a piece of paper towel in the hole of engine to cover it,I removed the stud and mount the new ones that are longer and mount the gasket that brings, everything looked OK when I try to turn it on NADA,check everything from top to bottom, after pedaling until I could not more:ack2: I remembered that I put the paper towel on the engine and not remove it,:eek:o2ps::whistling:disassemble everything back and the engine nearly swallows the paper, I removed it out with nippers and there was light in the darkness, Now you can laugh at my forgetfulness.:jester::clap:

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    We have all been there, or at least a variation of it. Went for a ride engine died pushed it 2 mi home, then realized that I had changed my plug the night befor and haden't fully seated the cap. Worse part I had to push it by a group of harly guys that were jawing. They were pretty good no taunts just some good natured advise!

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    Hi james65, I try to pedaling home even comes with my tongue hanging out,to after a while note that the stopcock is closed and run out of gas,I open it and when the engine catches I feel like in heaven.