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  1. Buschpounder

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    Hello, I have been always interested in Whizzers and know general information about them. Recently, I have been seriously considering purchasing one for a project. I am new to Whizzers but am mechanically inclined. Problem is, I don't know enough about them to know if I'm getting my moneys worth. I found this Whizzer close nearby that is advertised as circa 1948. It's a late # H engine on a Schwinn Excelsior frame. The motor is in a box in supposedly running condition but needs inspected. Fenders not shown but included. Looks like frame/tank repainted ? Not sure if that's good or bad. I believe the frame has a chrome springer fork and a front brake hub. The price is $1250.00. What do you think. Thanks for your time and opinions.

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  2. MotorbikeMike

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    Hi I would like to hear the engine run, and ride the bike for that kind of money. The pipe looks new, is it sooted? if not how did the engine run recently? From the pic, the springer looks like a chinese repop, not strong enuf to run, and if it does not have the HD Whizzer style spring you will immediately bury the spring, with the engine in, and you in the saddle. Why doesn't the Schwinn chain guard fit right? Are the rims S2 or S3? The pic looks like might be S3, check tire size to be sure.
    Little things for Whizzer can be expensive, like $75.00 for the motor mounts alone. Twist grips can run 125.00 per side.

  3. Buschpounder

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    A restoration was started a few years ago but never finished by another person. Motor supposedly rebuilt but probably never fired. Repop chrome rims and Sturmey-Archer brake. Springer probably repop too. Engine mounts, fenders and extra gas tank and extra rear fender included. I don't mind paying a fair value but I dont know Whizzer's well enough to know what a project one is worth. Thanks your help.
  4. Racie35

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    If you're in eastern PA.... You're 4 1/2hrs from where you could buy a brand new whizzer (2008) in Mass for $1100. ..They have several leftovers and ambassadors there are $1400.
  5. Buschpounder

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    I thought about a newer Whizzer but I think I want a vintage one to work on as a project. I envision a barn find with rust and original paint to make safe and reliable running gear wise and to just clean the paint/chrome keeping the old look.
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    whatever you decide....thats no great barn find there.....its someones failed project
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    Try getting in touch with member JBCruisin he is in Lancaster county and has a bunch of whizzers maybe he could help you out.
  8. Buschpounder

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    Yeah I realize that now Racie thanks to you guys. Thanks for the info Chainmaker.
  9. Racie35

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    Message me if you need the guys number in mass