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  1. Traveler

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    I acquired a vintage Whizzer timing light. I've never used one before. I am attaching a photo.

    Some questions.

    The alligator clip at the top of the light is loose. It looks like there is a washer or nut missing. Can someone tell me if something is missing?

    I know where the timing marks are on the engine. Where does the light hook up to a vintage Whizzer engine?

    How do you adjust the timing if it is off?

    Thanks for any response.

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  2. mason_man

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    Hi here's some photos. kinda rough. Hope this helps.

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  3. Traveler

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    Thanks for the photos.
  4. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Traveler,

    I have several of the Whizzer timing lights in my collection, however using them to time a Whizzer is just a waste of time. Using a meter is much faster, easier, and far more accurate.

    90% of Whizzer owners that ride their bikes convert to the electronic trigger module because of hotter spark, accurate timing, and most importantly "no more points to fail".

    My entire collection of vintage Whizzers use the electronic module, because as a kid in Ohio, every time I pushed my Whizzer home it was because of points [oil on them, burned, etc].

    The timming light is a really nice collectors item, and highlights the simpler days of the past.

    Have fun,
  5. Traveler

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    Thanks Quenton. I also had a lot of point problems when I was a kid in Ohio. I might order an electronic module from Memory Lane Classics soon.