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  1. moubee

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    The Whizzer....There outta be a law against them. I have put <400 miles on this thing and it has traveled probably 600. How is this Justin? Well it has been driven home in the back of a pickup or pushed (If you buy a whizzer makes sure you have a pickup or good shoes) more than it has come home under it's own power. Every ride is a tinkering, soon the tool bag will weigh more than the motor. The bike stands testament to the ingenuity of Okie improvisation but the day has come. I. am. done.

    Oh great wizards, I reach out to the. I have had my hands on my Whizzer more than my little lady these days. What motor can I stick in this frame and call it good with minimal tinkering? Has anyone done this? I know the frame is a POS BUT I have it tagged here in OK and I would like to ride this sucker a bit more.

    Your humble servant....


    I would place this motor for sale but I would be ashamed to do that to any human.

  2. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    send it to Quenton... trust me, he has the pill for what ails ya.

    He's a stand up guy... great communication, and KNOWS his whizzers.

    if anybody can get your engine running the way you want... it is him. He lurks around here so you might be able to get a PM out to him if his box isnt full.
  3. RdKryton

    RdKryton Active Member

    We need some details please. I am a very happy Whizzer owner but it did not come without some work. What year is your Whizzer? That will determine how much it will cost to make it right. They can be made to run great and reliably but unfortunately the mfg took many shortcuts and it has caused many problems. give me vtec is correct. Quenton can make it right. Ask anyone that has ridden mine. I am always asked if I want to sell it. . Please provide us with some details so we can get the ball rolling on getting your Whizzer running the way you want it to. The year and symptoms that you are experiencing will help us make suggestions that will make it right.

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  4. mustangtom

    mustangtom New Member

    Send Fred yout Motor for O.H.conversion.


    Your Whizzer motor has a roller crank and cam, Fred puts his top end on it.

    There was an article about a gentleman from Chicago, that travel from Chicago to Los Angeles on a new Whizzer with Freds over head valve conversion,very dependable.I think his name was Terry.

    I have one, the Hottest the Motor got was 220 degrees last summer when the air temp. was 100 degrees. It is a mini-motorcycle.

    I think Terry lace his Whizzer rims with moped brakes, so it will stop.

  5. moubee

    moubee New Member

    This right here....

    Wow ya'll are quick, and quite a help. I have a 2006 NE. I took out the baffles to gain some hp. Then It started lagging in the power department I assumed from the change in air/fuel requirements, so I took the carb apart and made a few adjustments yet this carb did have have the adjustment potential to add enough air or fuel so I swapped her for a new one off of a cart. It ran like a dream (though puking oil like an overindulging Senior at prom night). Then it got picky, it could not seem to get enough air or fuel. Now I can start it and give it gas, however it will not move, a wee bit of forward motion, that is all. I was in Okemah (90 miles from home) when this occurred so I put her in my storage building. Thus I lay my problem at your sandaled feet.
  6. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    don't think that's recommened ?

    with the standard pipe that comes with them don't think that's recommened ?

    Quenton where are you ?? out there riding having fun ??

    ride that THING
  7. mustangtom

    mustangtom New Member

    Slow moving.


    Sounds like your pilot jet is clogged up in the carb.

  8. RdKryton

    RdKryton Active Member

    That was a problem on the WC-1 motors but was corrected in the NE5 motor. You probably have the wrong main jet. (very common) An unmodified NE5 should run an 82 or 84 high speed jet. Put the baffle back in. The motor likes a little back pressure. If you get a chance, take the side plate off and check the lifters for any sign of mushrooming. I strongly recommend replacing them with aftermarket mushroom lifters. The stock one are too soft and will start to shed small pieces of metal into the engine oil. This will destroy your bearings in time. This thread has many links to some very good info about the Whizzer engine. http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=16602
    The blowing of oil is easily fixed with a few parts from Home Depot. It is a good idea to take about .070 of the head. This will do several good things. First the compression will increase some. That makes it idle better and gives it more power across the board. Also this will take any warps out of the head for a better seal and only use a copper head gasket. It is reusable and seals well. Some of the threads in the link I posted will explain in detail the recommendations I have outlined. Hope this info helps you. I just love my Whizzer but it took work to get it running the way it does now. Think warm. I wanna ride.

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  9. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    sorry... my mistake.
  10. RdKryton

    RdKryton Active Member

    No problem. With all the problems Whizzer's have had, it is easy to blend all the problem years together.:grin5:

  11. A great Barn er ah Storage find....

    If you just leave it in your storage unit for a few years, somebody might come along & think they have found a valuable relic from the past. Then you could recoup your $$. Otherwise be prepared to spend several hundred more $$ & forget what your girlfriend looks like. I know exactly how you feel, My Whizzer has come very close to being set on fire & rolled down the steepest hill I could find. I ended up spending the $$, replacing almost ALL the cheap China components, (not just once) and now actually have a reliable bike that even has good brakes. I could have had another way more reliable motorcycle for the dough $$ that was spent on this. But everybody needs a hobby. You gotta love it................or not.
  12. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi moubee,

    Sorry I haven't responded sooner, but have been really busy.

    I have rebuilt several hundred Whizzer motors and have managed to make them "bullet proof". I have 2 personal bikes that have well over 6000 miles [each]that I and only ride , not repair.

    Each version has different problems, and some are more expensive than others to make durable.

    I will give a condensed version of the differences.

    All 1999 to 2004 used the WC-1 motor, and the only fix is to replace the top end with later NE/SE parts. [$375.00 to $466.10]

    2005 NE motors have 2 major issues, defective lifters, and head bolt issues. [reworked factory mushroom lifters approx $25.00, and $95.00 for American replacements]

    All Automatic clutches [2005 to 2008] need the soft bearing sleeve replaced with a rockwell 58 rated sleeve. [$100.00 to $125.00]

    2007/08 have brittle cylinders and need the cylinder re-cured to stop the head bolt threads from shearing. [Complete re-work, including decking, re-cuting the valve seat, lapping the valves, porting, painting cylinder, & re-curing metal.. $100.]

    All NE/SE, and upgraded WC-1 need the intake manifold extension to reduce the tempature of the carburetor [gas boils when hot]. [approx $25.00]

    All NE/SE, and upgraded WC-1 motors need a copper head gasket [2 types available, factory & custom]. [$20.00 factory, $25.00 custom]

    Prices quoted are average and aren't only my estimates.

    Easier starting, better idle, improved gas mileage, and quicker acceleration
    are the final results of milling the head an re-working the combustion chamber.

    Removing the un-needed lock washers on the head bolts aid in keeping them tight.
    Adding special washers under the 10 MM head bolt also aids in reducing loose head bolt issues.

    All motors with the NE/SE camshaft MUST use mushroom lifters, some of the later NE/SE motors had factory mushroom lifters, however they are made incorectly. The factory mushroom lifters can be modified to work 100%, by reducing the weight and reducing the mushroom base.

    Although it can be very upsetting to have your "Whizzer let you down", it is also very rewarding when it is right.

    I know we expect the Whizzer to be better because of the original cost, but it just isn't the case, but they can easily be upgraded to furnish the expected results.

    I have a very large supply of Whizzer parts [including thousands of parts for the vintage Whizzer] and can currently supply most owner needs, however the cylinder & head needed to upgrade the early and last production bikes are becomming scarce.

    Feel free to ask me any questions about your Whizzer, and you are welcome to call me if easier. 252-475-0406 [cell].

    Have fun,
  13. Great Barn Find

    Like Q just confirmed, spend the $$ on the motor. Oh and don't forget new brakes & wheels & clutch & belts. etc etc

    OR check out this deal on Craigslist for 1900.00 Bikes like this are for sale everyday on that site.


    honda 250.jpg

    honda 250 motor.jpg
  14. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member


    If you haven't already done so... I would put all that information in a sort of standardized "whizzer newbie 101" document you can save in word.

    Then when the situation such as this, or when I got my bike, comes up... you just cut and paste out of word into the post and modify it as necessary to fit the situation... I bet typing that whole spiel every time gets old and boring.
  15. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi give me vtec,

    Great idea, I have copies of all the articles I have written for the Whizzer Newsletter over the last 3 years. And it would be easier to edit & paste.

    BTW your motor is on the way! Enjoy

    Have fun,
  16. Wow now that's a great reference from a guy that hasn't even received or run one of your motors yet Q.
  17. Must be something to have fans - before they even get their stuff. WOW!!
  18. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    I dont need to have ran it.... there are plenty of references on this site to vouch for him so I know his work is legit and I have talked with him over the phone a few times.. He told me what he has done to the engine... I have full confidence my motor will be everything I am hoping. With hundreds of builds under his belt, why would I have reason to expect anything less than perfection???

    Is it bad to vouch for somebody that has bent over backwards to treat you right???

    besides, I haven't ever ridden a whizzer, so I wouldn't have anything to compare it to anyways.
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  19. moubee

    moubee New Member


    You have quite the name in this community, and I must say everyone is quite informative.

    I will contact you once I get my butt back to Okemah and pick her up. I would not mind getting a 4 stroke motor other then the one on it. I did LOVE it when it ran however! Thank you everyone for your help!
  20. RdKryton

    RdKryton Active Member

    Quenton has forgotten more about Whizzers than I will ever know and I can hold my own when it come to them. He taught me everything I know. lol I am a big man and my Whizzer pulls my large butt around quite well. I have had a couple people ride my Whizzer and ask me just one question when they got back. How much? They all wanted to buy it on the spot! Once it is right, you will want to ride it all the time. Since mine was updated, I only had to push it back once. I forgot to turn the fuel back on but I didn't figure it out until I already pushed it home. I just love the looks at the gas station when I put a whole $1.50 in the tank too. hehe
    My personal belief is that they are well worth the effort to make them right.
    Enjoy the ride.
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