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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by RdKryton, Aug 30, 2009.

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    See the pictures below. If it helps change the mind of just one of you guys that don't where a helmet, I did my job.
    BTW This guy LIVED!!!!!

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  2. ok... that does it. I am buying new riding leathers and jacket with armor plates (skid plates) for the back, elbows and shoulders. After my run in (no pun intended) with the truck on Friday... I found myself feeling exposed as I rode today.
  3. RdKryton

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    You feeling any better today? I just got in from 20 mile ride and not one close call. That's a first.
    Take care
  4. Pablo

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    I ALWAYS wear my helmet.

    Sorry but that looks fake. Any particulars with a link to a real news site?
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  6. RdKryton

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    I stand corrected but I will still always where a helmet. The email I received stated that the guy lived. Sorry about the incorrect info.

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    I was about 16 or 17 when I walked into the cycle shop one day and looked at a poster on the wall that was of a broken egg and said " ALL the Kings Horses and All the Kings Men......Please Where a Helmet" That was a powerful poster to me .........I've always worn a helmet sence that day and still remember that poster as if it were yesterday.... Tom in West Virginia
  8. Pablo

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    No need to apologize. Gruesome but if it gets someone to not ride the like a jackbat, then well served.

    Sometimes I think the worst enemy of our "sport" are a couple of jerkwads per 100 square miles, hurting others, themselves and the future of MB'ing. One stupid MB incident can cause a cascade of ignorant legislation.
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    I bought a big 4 wheeler last year. I had bought a helmet about 3 or 4 months before I bought the 4 wheeler. Took a few photos of it still on the trailer the night I brought it home, with a matching helmet sitting on the seat. Sent the photos to a few friends that night. One repliied telling me I was a sissy for wearing a helmet on one if them. Well, after going down a small hill, getting thrown off my ride and having all 600 pounds of it tumbling down the hill and landing on the side of my head was not exactly fun. A friend was at the top of the hill watching. He shouted and asked if I was O.K. I said yes. Got up, flipped my ride back on it's feet, looked it over and said,"Thank GOD for helmets. This thing just paid for it's self. It's worth every penny I paid for it. They can call me a sissy all they want to." Had it not been for a helmet that day, I'm sure I would have been severly injured or killed. I'd rather be a live chicken than a dead duck. And yes, I wear a helmet on my motored bike, along with other armor.
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    I agree with the helmet-for-safety idea.

    But there's another reason to wear one; it's more comfortable. It keeps the sun from cooking your brain. With a bill it keeps the sun out of your eyes. The holes help cool you.
    You can fill the holes in winter with foam rubber and seal with RTV silicone and you have a cold and wet weather hat that's just fine.

    I remember the guy with his head in the truck. It's been some time. If I remember right he rear-ended the truck at some ridiculous speed, got his head stuck, and got dragged for some distance. The truck driver didn't realize what had happened.
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    The Snopes entry said he hit the truch at 120+ mph. I can believe it- looks like a Ninja ZX-6R or ZX-10R. I see the sportbike idiots running around at high speed nearly every day and many time I see them doing wheelies down the road and weaving in and out of traffic wearing a T-shirt, shorts and no helmet- at least that guy had a helmet....fat lot of good it does at 120 mph, though. And, sorry, how anyone can look at the picture an thought the person lived...well, seems pretty obvious to me.

    Still- wear a helmet- long pants, even long sleeves, a helmet and eye protection. Even on our bikes, ride smart. Please. 30 mph into an "immovable object" is deadly too.
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    Wow, that strikes far to close to home.

    Josh from Oklahoma City,

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    I always wear my helmet. I was riding down the road one day when some jerk pulled out onto the road without stopping and clipped my rear triangle, spinning me around and knocking me down. my brand new (as of 2 weeks) Diamondback Coil EX was ruined. He never stopped.... luckily i was ok and his BOSS saw what happened. I was reimbursed.

    ALSO: here is a vid of why i wear my helmet. This one put me down for about 2 weeks, cracked my helmet in half and sent my bike 20 feet into a creek. I landed about 10 feet past where i hit.

  14. twofoot

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    The last picture made me nauseous.
  15. jimraysr

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    Full Face Modular Helmet

    My full face helmet is miserable in the heat, day or night. It fits very tight as it is supposed to. The good part is the modulator front that you can raise when you stop just to cool off a little or take a drink. It has a mask that directs your breath down so you don't fog your glasses or the face shield. It is actually a snowmobile helmet with a motorcycle face shield in place of the two layer snow mobile one. Snowmobile face shields are not shatterproof. Haven't a clue why, guess running into a tree isn't a shattering experience?

    We have a lot of bike paths on half mile streets and paved paths along the major irrigation canals and they can lend a feeling of comfort and safety, but at every intersection and driveway cagers cross your path and don't see us or mis-judge our speed. Regardless we loose in a collision.

    I wore a DOT half shell in the 60's on my trailbikes and thought I was protected, but now realise I was very lucky I didn't have a serious head injury. I did tear up a knee and do other damage in my riding.

    Now I have wrist, knee and elbow pads as well. Wish I had those when just riding my J C Higgins in the 40s when I collected a fair amount of road rash from Phoenix's very rough asphalt streets.

    We had a motorcycle helmet law in AZ for several years and the riders got it repealed for adults. No comment.