Wide Pedal Kit Sprocket does not fit stock chain. Please Help! I have pictures!

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  1. JGerlitz

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    Hey everyone. Please help if you have any ideas.

    I have a beach cruiser Schwinn bicycle. I purchased a "Grubee SkyHawk 4G T-Belt Drive V-Mount Kit, With HuaSheng 49cc Engine" from Kings Motorized Bikes a while ago. I assembled everything on the bike and the bike is about 90% complete.. However, I ran into a problem and put the project on the back burner for the past couple months.

    Trying to get it complete as summer is short here in Seattle and I would love to have it running.

    The problem: The kit came with a Wide Pedal Conversion Kit. The problem is, the included sprocket with this kit that connects to the stock bicycle chain does not fit properly. The grooves in the sprocket seem too wide and the stock chain does not lay in it as it should.

    I've went to my local bicycle shop and they informed me the stock chain on my bicycle is the "universal" size chain for bicycles and there are no others. I've tried looking for other sprockets that are compatible with the wide pedal kit but are coming up with nothing. I see there are some wide pedal kits on eBay. Would any of these work?

    I've attached a few pictures. The picture looks like the chain fits, but please believe me, it does not sit easily in the grooves and binds. Please take a look and any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    photo (3) copy.jpg

    Thank you,


  2. crassius

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    pedal chains have a universal link size of 1/2 inch, but widths can be very different depending on how many gears they want to pack into the freewheel - your problem is most likely that the teeth of the new sprocket are too wide for your chain - you can grind or file the sides of the sprocket to make it thinner, but if you buy a wider chain, your gears won't work
  3. IbedaYank

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    need to upgrade to a 3piece crank and bottom bracket with a thinner front sprocket
  4. 5-7HEAVEN

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    You have a multi-speed cassette and "universal" chain for mountain bikes or cruiser bikes with multi-speed cassettes.

    I believe your chain is 3/32", while your problem chainring sprocket uses 1/8" size.

    You cannot use the larger chain because it won't work with the derailleur and cassette.

    Contact your vendor. He might've thought you had a single-speed bike, and sent you the wrong sprocket.

    If he's no help, change the chainring sprocket to a mountain bike sprocket, like the one that came with the bike.

    The cheapest fix is to use your original one, if it fits.

    If you cannot find a 3/32"-size chainring sprocket that fits your bottom bracket, then do what Ibedayank recommends.
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  5. JGerlitz

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    Hi IbedaYank - Thanks for the tip. Do you know where to find a thinner front sprocket that is compatible with a 3 piece crank? They have a "1pc to 3pc Wide Crank Conversion Kit" for $18.99 and a "3pc Wide Crank Pedal Kit" for $29.99 at Bicycle-Engines.com - http://www.bicycle-engines.com/Chain-Drive-System-4-Stroke/

    However, I don't see them selling different or thinner sprockets by themselves.
  6. JGerlitz

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    Hi 5-7Heaven - Thanks for the reply and info. Yeah, I tried using the original sprocket that came with the bike but it did not fit onto the 3 piece wide pedal crank. I really want the wide pedal kit as it's practically impossible to get my feet on the pedals without it.

    Do you know where you can find different chain ring sprockets that fit the 3-piece wide pedal crank kits?


  7. crassius

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    too timid to just grind the new sprocket thinner?
  8. JGerlitz

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    Not really timid...I would just rather pay some money for the correct sprocket from the get go. Less labor = smarter livin! :)
  9. 5-7HEAVEN

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    You're welcome.

    Please contact your vendor.

    I'm pretty sure that ALL of their customers with multispeeds (except internal hubs) are in the same predicament as you are.

    They SHOULD have the correct sprocket, or know where to order one from.

    JMO, you should try to use the wide crank that came with the kit.

    As several options, the simplest cheapest way is what crassius advised.

    Another way would be to weld the original sprocket onto the crank.

    Last suggestion would be to order the wide crank that Ibedayank recommended.

    Since you'll only be using one chainring sprocket, you'll have to move it inward from the freewheel.
  10. birdmannn101

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    I had a similar problem with trying to get a wide crank set. I couldn't find any help on the forum so I went to a bicycle swap meet. There I found someone who talked about using a short crank instead of the wide crank. I know...You need the wide crank to rest your feet on. Anyway, since no one knew what I was talking about at the bicycle swap meet except this one guy who was willing to sell me an old rusted short crank for $15, I started to drive home when I had a brain fart. Why not check with the local bicycle shop? Heck they had brand new short cranks and all kinds of sprockets cheap. I bought a new short crank for $12. I am sure they might just have that sprocket your looking for or can tell you where to order one out of their books.....Dan
  11. JGerlitz

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    Thanks for the tip!
  12. JGerlitz

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    Thanks for everyone's help. A friendly worker at a local bike shop said to just take off the 3/32" chain and replace it with a 1/8" chain. Said the front sprocket will fit it well and the back sprockets will handle fine too. We'll see. Going to start assembling tomorrow and give it a whirl. I'll be sure to post up picks of the completed project! :)

    Thanks again for everyone's ideas and tips.

  13. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I hope that works for you, Jeff.

    Good luck.