Will I be looked down on????

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    I don't currently have a motorized bike of any kind. However, over the years I have owned 32 different scooters and motorcycles. I was planning on buying a new NE-5, but do to the dis-continuation, I will most likely buy a new NE-R when they become more plentiful at the dealers. Now to my question. Will I be looked down on if I show up a motorized bike ralley with a "store bought" machine and not one I built myself? Over the years, I have rebuilt many a bike and customized car along with completely building several street rods. I just don't want to be thought of as a 'buyer" and not a "builder" Any opinions will be appreciated. I will try to post a pic of some of my current hobby vehicles.

  2. kawasaki999

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    Nothing wrong with buying a store bought machine. You will probable have less problems. See ya at the rally!
  3. Mountainman

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    hey I think as long as you have a wheel or wheels and motor -- you are in

    ride that THING
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    No, you won't be looked down on. I ride an NE5 myself, plus I have two other bikes with 2-stroke engines. In fact, at the East Coast Rally in Delaware, Whizzers barely outnumbered the other types by a ratio of 5:4.
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    We take care of each other, regardless of whether you assembled your own machine. Its the motorcycle and conventional bicycle riders that treat US with scorn.
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    There's no doubt that Whizzers are just way too cool for people to look down on them.

    But it sounds like you're a gear-head, anyway. So I'm betting that before long you'll have a store-bought or two plus a couple of DIYs.

    So don't worry and come on and join us.

    See you around.
  7. KilroyCD

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    Besides, if you're like the majority of Whizzer owners on this forum, you'll be fiddling with it and making modifications to it, ulitimately putting in nearly as much (or perhaps more) work on it than if you built your own. I speak from experience...:grin5:
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    Build your own M.B. everyone appreciates that... Thats what I did - :cool:

    ( But, no one will mind if you buy a new one either. just ride and have fun )

    Take Care - Jim

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    Buyer/Builder,it doesn't matter....it's what u have to say that counts.
  10. Happy Valley

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    Do what you want. We're about the same age and I've lived too long to care what anyone thinks.