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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Sabi, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Sabi

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    Hi guys I was riding my bike to work in the rain got all the way up the hill and at the top the bike was sluggish I made it to the lights killed my motor like I always do peddled and relived the clutch and it just turned over but would not start I have chopped off the muffler and I think some water got up the pipe and into the motor any suggestions on how to get it to start I have tryed the choke in multiple positions with no sucess thanks in advance

  2. crassius

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    first thing to check is the mag - they often fail if they get wet - use a multimeter to check for 350 or 480 ohms from blue to ground
  3. Sabi

    Sabi New Member

    I cheaked it at 310 a little lower than the norm but it was drenched so I replaced it and still won't start
  4. Timbone

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    I doubt that "water in the pipe" is the cause.

    It could be anything!

    Two weeks ago, my motor just quit running. I was lucky I was close to home.

    I took apart the carb and replaced the jet with a smaller size. Cleaned it all up and checked for good fuel flow. All that checked out. Still nothing.

    Checked all my connections. Unhooked the kill cable connections. Put in a new NGK spark plug. Checked for spark after the sun went down. A little something but not enough. Bike still wouldn't fire. Not a single pop.

    Two weeks later, I put on a new CDI with a new, upgraded plug wire. Still no go!

    I replaced the coil with one I know is good. Checked the plug for spark and as I was holding the plug against the engine case, that thing lit me up! Replaced the spark plug and made sure it was attached to the plug properly.

    Still no start after a few more tries. I was getting tired from the pedalling!

    I decided to look at the new plug. I KNOW I have spark. Carby is clean. I looked at the new plug. It was dry. I opened up the needle valve on my fuel line and pedalled about 50 yards on a soft, downhill slope. Bam! it kicked and started to go. A little sputtering for a few hundred yards then ZOOOOOOM! The thing took off and I was flying! No four stroking, just good power and speed. it is like a new bike!

    The lesson here is never give up! The first problem was probably an failing coil. The second problem was very little fuel in the float bowl after two weeks of no riding.

    Check everything!
  5. Sabi

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    Hey guys thanks for the suggestions I did strip it down wipe everything down was a little water in the cylinder but I wiped that down hammered in my spark plug put it together test run and it worked but kept stuttering took apart again made the gap wider put it together no start pulled it apart and hammered to a middle distance and we work :) yay another question is there a reason that the gap would expand without touching it I know heat makes things expand is that a possibility?