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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by diana taurus, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. diana taurus

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    Hi there,
    has anybody any experience with the mini generators from wonderful creations. Since they are supposed to make ac I was wondering what you really need to use it. I have lights etc. So I dont want to use the whole kit expensive as it is. But what do you really need to get it converted to 12 dc. Any info to this would be appreciated sine wonderful creations only sells through e-bay and I can NOT find a contact nr. or email address.
    Thanks, Diane T.

  2. HeadSmess

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    ac is fine for incandescent lights, ie, bulbs with filaments.

    12v ac(RMS) is 0.707 of 12vdc, only a concern when you have components that have specific "peak voltage" limitations, ie, the 12vac(RMS) is only an average, EQUAL to 12vdc...but actually peaks a bit higher... ignore that if its just to light some bulbs :)

    LED lights require DC...ac will fry them unless "reverse diodes" are used (simply two LEDS wired reverse to each other..one conducts one way, the other conducts the other way.) they also require limiting resistors if wired directly to the generator (but t doesnt sound like thats what you would do? or you wouldnt need to ask :p)

    is it a single phase ac generator, or a 3 phase ac generator? brushless motors will spit out 3 phase power.

    the only difference between the two is that the 3 phase requires a 3-phase rectifier.

    bridge rectifier for single phase


    bridge rectifier for 3 phase

    barely any difference, the 3 phase only needs two more diodes, either unit easily obtained on ebay, and you can get regulating ones that only produce 12vDC, as used on motorbikes, anyway..

    the only difference is that the single phase generator will flicker more when running at low speeds, if you dont use a battery/capacitor bank. 3-phase supplies a steadier voltage...
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    Do you have a link? Is it the same folks selling on eBay? The folks on eBay do not have much of a warranty only 30 days and is why I am holding off. A lot of money for only a 30 day warranty. Just make a bridge rectifier and it changes AC to DC. You can buy them all ready made at Radio Shack.
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    it is just as easy to get a brushless motor with a fairly low KV rating and use it as a generator.

    (kv rating is turns-per-volt, nothing to do with the KVA rating seen on generators or transformers.)

    if you are really smart, you make the bridge rectifier from LEDs, with a resistor as the "load" to prevent them from frying... you dont actually need the DC output running them this way, as only one is ever fully conducting at any time. but you do need the resistor or "load" as nothing will happen otherwise!

    use pairs of red green and blue LEDs and at low speeds it looks like a xmas tree, at high speeds it starts to become white :cool:
  5. triride

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    I have been successfully using the Wonderful Creations mini generator for a few years now.
    I have been running a MR16 led 4 watts bulb on the front and a 12v led rear light 2 watts.
    The only issue I have encountered is slight dimming of the lights when revs are low,otherwise superb!
  6. 2wheel trainwreck

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    I just bought wc's 12v mini-gen max last night as well as the battery charger unit. The charger will have dc power out so no rectifier is necessary for LED lighting. A small 12v SLA battery is next.
  7. BikeMan2

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    Have you ever opened the Battery Charger to see what it is made up of? The reason I ask is cause I bought Gas Bikes Gen and want to make me a SLA charger for my Gen. If there is anyone that might be able to help me please I would be very thankful.
  8. KCvale

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    I would think that '12V battery charger' is just a full wave rectifier and maybe a Zener diode across the output to limit voltage.

    I am familiar with the Mini-gen type of unit, we played with them in grade school.

    An iron bar wrapped with copper wire.
    Pass a magnet past it and it generates AC.
    Put DC to it and it becomes an electromagnet.

    I wouldn't be too optimistic about how much power you can draw, and the effect it will have on your engine power.
  9. K-GEO

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    Couldn't some one just take a stock ignition coil cut the metallic arms to mak it fit next to the magneto to make a generator for lights?