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    Well my name is Christina, I am 25 and a little south of St.Louis in Festus, Mo.
    I have seen motorized bikes before and with the price of gas continuing to go up I have decided that I shall turn my 21spd Trek 300 into my more fuel efficient way around town. Any tips on types of engines to just how you started the process would be helpful!
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    you have 2 choices

    2 stroke (you will need to premix oil to the petrol )
    4 stroke (same as a car )

    id go with the 4 stroke but the 2 strokes are cheeper to buy .
    size of your frame is the next question
    most motors fit a 18 inch frame , that is to say u measure from centre of pedals up seat tube to top of frame or there maybe a sticker with size .
    your bike is ideal otherwise .
    best motor is a grubee an a 48 cc