WTB full length exhaust

looking for a full length, from the engine back to the rear tire, exhaust that'll fit the chinese 2 stroke engine. i'm planning to make my own, but it's easier and cheaper to get one that's already chrome plated. any help will be appreciated, thanks.
thanks. i think those are made to fit the schwinn occ chopper bikes though. or at least the spookytooth one is.
did it kink much? it looks like a nice pipe. did you feel any gains over the stock short pipe?
just do little flexes and keep moving the pipe, didn't kink once
the muffler is attatched with a large nut/flange so it can swivel
seemed to be more restrictive (less power) than stock...I guess from pushing through the longer pipe
I have long exhaust on both my 2 & 4 stroke bikes. I bought them both at bicycleengines.com Both of the bikes I have are mountain bikes & theyfit well & made them sound good. It made the 2 stroke sound like a YZ80 dirtbike. (just not as loud) I think the seller just joined here. I think his user name is birddog. I have bought alot of stuff from them. They have great customer service & alot of 2 & 4 stroke parts.