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  1. johnsteve

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    I want the community of bike builders to help me with my next bicycle project.

    First, I have to say that I have already a 66cc motor that is straight out of the box and was thinking about replacing the needle bearing, along with the pin that it goes in (sorry i cant remember the name of it at the moment. I consider my self to be a newbie still). I am also thinking about the G2-A frame, but other that that the options are all yours. Also thinking about adding an electric motor in the front to help with hill climbing. I also want to keep it within a reasonable budget, of say 1000 dollars.

    What else should I add to the build? Help me decide please.

  2. johnsteve

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    just want to bump this thread a bit.

    Does anyone know if thouse rubber things that go between the bike frame and the motor mount really work? I am using a piece of garden hose there now , and i guess it works, but would it work better with or with a special rubber cushion what bikeberry sell or some other online retailer?

    Hope someone can answer this one for me
  3. butre

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    you don't put any rubber in your mounts. its an easy way to break a stud
  4. johnsteve

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    So instead if posting to a second thread, I thought I would continue here.

    I am so close to buying a gt2-a frame but I am not sure where to buy it from. I heard somewhere that the chinese ones are crap and that they have week welds. Anyone here know where to buy a good quality gt2-frame that is built in america?

    Also a quick questions about brakes. where do most of the people on this website buy discs from? I was looking at chinese ones one ebay, but I thought i was ask first here.
  5. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    mzmiami on ebay sells legit gt2-a frames
  6. i wish i was back in miami and moved up to illinois and now that i have built my mb and deciding on building another one with no shops that deals with mb in this town i gotta make/order everything
  7. johnsteve

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    we got to hangout when it gets warmer. So where did you get your frame from and why the hell are you here from miami? Its damn cold here
  8. yea man your from Illinois also , I'm here in DeKalb . and moved up here to go to school. once i get another job again imma start building my second bike with reed and shift kit. you'll still catch me outside here and there
  9. Timbone

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    I'd say it's a good deal to get the GT2-A frame from the gasbike site for $120. Just make sure it is the one with the bosses for the v-brakes. Don't think of this as a end all be all frame, though. Consider it as a one season frame and the low cost makes it feasible. Enough miles and the aluminum frame will crack somewhere.
  10. johnsteve

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    thanks timbone, but i already got the one from Its the one for 145 or so. The reason I bought from there is because I noticed that the rear dropouts have a place for disc brakes and that is what I want. Another plus is that they have the headseat for no extra charge.

    However I am now in the process of locating a rubber cushion motor mount from anywhere. Some places seem to be sold out of this item. Any ideas where to get one anybody?
  11. Timbone

    Timbone Active Member

    The general consensus of this forum - and I see no evidence to dispute it - is that you want to avoid using any kind of rubber cushioning on the motor mounts. You need that motor locked down tight with no free movement whatsoever. This protects the engine mount studs.

    I'll add a comment about the GT2-A frame: the welded motor mount will fail. You should used a muffler mount or u-Bolt to very firmly lock the motor into that position. A little extra work, yes, but it will lengthen the life of your bike frame and make your bike more reliable.
  12. yes do not use the rudder mounts i did this and they just get eaten away from oil and they will bend and break your studs . i have had to replace and re tap them all
  13. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    The GT frame and Skyhawk designations as anything Grubee, that being Don Grube, the designers of it all, factories he uses in China for their quality work, and his wife owns China Gas, the US importer for the good stuff.

    Nothing, I repeat NOTHING gas bike has with a GT/Skyhawk claim is real.
    They haven't even been able to wholesale buy the parts since like 5 years now.

    I have been friends with Don for a long time, he is getting old and gearing for retirement but not dull, he seen what gasbike was doing, making cheap knockoffs and using his Skyhawk engines and GT frames as templates, then his quality name to sell them, he cut them out of the loop to get the real stuff for screwing him.

    Anyway I am in the loop, a registered retailer for anything real Skyhawk, just not geared up to move from making bikes to moving the good parts yet.

    Anyway, here is the story about the real frames, the rubber motor mount, and some other unique stuff I can buy, if I buy a lot. & FRAMES.htm

    One thing missing from that is the new GT2A-150 frame I helped design.
    It for fat tire shifting bikes and has a disc brake mount, and it's a bit longer.
    In short the perfect frame for what I wanted ;-}

    I have a topic about my GT2a-150 build with 10G 4-stroke here but if you want one the only authorized Skyhawk wholesale parts buyer is Bicycle-Engines, aka Birddog Distributing, on the west side of the US.
    That is who I can buy from at pretty good price being a registered retailer.

    Just go to Bicycles and Frames to get your hands on the new -150, everything they have there is real.
    I have ~15 more reserved, thats how we got them here, I committed to buying 20 as Don can have his factory make whatever I can dream up, it's just has to be enough to justify a whole cargo container.
  14. johnsteve

    johnsteve Member

    Thanks KC. I have already bought a frame from an ebay vender someone recomended to me. Should get it soon. Interesting information from your last post here. Yea I am also looking into a 150 frame. Sooner or later its going to happen. They just look so sweet. Hard to pass on something like this. I am thinking about a small 4 stroke for that build.

    Next, I am looking at the spookeless wheels from gassbike. These are the ones. Now I am not sure about buying from this site. The grubee website has the ones i want, but it looks like a wholesale website. Anyother ideas where to buy these wheels? The other website referanced does not have ANY wheels available. Looks like they are waiting for some to arrive. Pure speculation on my part though. Though wheels really look nice though. I like that they are trueless and the sprockets look like they are easy to switch out.

    Thanks in advance
  15. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    those mag wheels ride harsh and crack easy. if you have to have them then get them from mzmiami
  16. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    The 49 and 53cc HS engines work well on them, especially with gears.

    Yet another cheap knockoff of a Skyhawk product by gasbike so I am not the least bit surprised to already here about failures with theirs.
    I haven't tried any of them.

    Yes, that is the wholesale buyers page, you can't order direct from it, it just serves as a reference of what is real and available if you are a wholesale buyer to go the more complex ordering and delivery of a whole shipping container of parts process.

    Each WD has an area, and chooses the parts they want to supply which depends in part by what the re-sellers want and think they can move.
    The mag wheels I guess are a slow mover in the west like bicyle-engines, but some outfits on east coast use them, in Florida I think but I don't know, I don't use them.
    If they made an internal 3-speed disc I'd be on it, but Don said no chance of that, external gears and direct drive is all the hub can accommodate.

    I hope that helps clear things up in murky market for you.
  17. johnsteve

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    Really sucks about those aluminum mags.......... They look really nice though.......I am going for relyability, comfort, and dependablity...... Its more important than looks. So my second choice would be the Sta-Tru wheels, the tandem ones. The deffinatly look durable with thouse 12 gauge spokes. I guess I will have to invest in a truing stand.

    What does everyone thinkg about the Sta-Tru wheels?

    Whats a good truing stand to buy if I will only be trueing maybe 6 wheels per year. I am not a professional wheel builder, so I dont know top of the line stuff, just enough to get the job done on my wheels once in a while.
  18. Timbone

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    I certainly do see both sides of the swords that drive prices for parts and frames downwards. The main problem is that quality engines and frames are gonna cost money and, with the ability to buy a decent scooter or used motorcycle in the $1500 range, the motorbike suppliers have to keep costs down - at the cost of quality. For me, a big part of the challenge is to build as reliable and safe a vehicle as possible for as little money as possible.

    I must say that the Grube Skyhawk 150 frame looks like a great deal for $170! That would be a great base to build on.
  19. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    sta-trus work well. get some with alloy rims rather than steel ones. steel may be technically stronger but alloy wheels are considerably stiffer and lighter. alloy wheels work with rim brakes way better than steel wheels do too
  20. johnsteve

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    True about the 150..... I will get one once this build is out of the way. I am thinking about a 4 stroke for that.

    for this build though which allloy wheel would you recommend and have 12 gauge spokes on them. I am thinking about disc brakes rather then calipered brakes.

    Also, Id like to go with a single sprocket on the rear hub. Maybe its a dumb question, but are there any such premade wheels like that anywhere, or should I just go with a clustered gears and buy the derailier. Maybe I should just get the hubs and rims and make my own wheels.
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