ZMN80 Rod longer than ZL40 rod ?

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My motor had a ZL40 crank/ rod. I only had to use 1 base and 1 head gasket for piston/ head clearance. I just finished installing a balanced crank that is a ZMN80 rod. But now I have to use 2 base gaskets and 2 head gaskets for piston/head clearance. Also my squish is only 0.5mm. with the doubled gaskets. almost need a 3rd base gasket. What am I missing? Measuring the stroke I get 42mm. nothing else changed. same motor and piston. Im baffled
Zl40 rod is 115mm

The 2 rods can have the same length and different pin locations

115mm is overall length
Smolik measures center to center on the pins
hard to measure while in the case so i used a piece of hard wire. the rods look to be the same and the dia. of the crank to be the same. cant really get a good measurement on the pin hole but from top of the roller bearing to top of crank wheel is also the same. Their is 2mm somewhere and i cant find it. im using a high hole piston so a low hole piston will only make it worse