ZMN80 Rod longer than ZL40 rod ?

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I assumed he would have done this when he first discovered this anomaly. Hence the saying ignorance is bliss.
(Don't ever compare ignorance with stupidity. Ignorance is simply not knowing the facts. You can't fix stupidity.)


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getting a cheap $200 wildcat ultra minarelli motor only. This package is cheaper than a maxed out phantom but with 2 more HP for a total 7hp out the box. After my research it does look like normal jug cleaning and teardown is required. But that is to be expected. this is the cheapest hybrid relli you can get. made with very inexpensive relli parts. however the jug and parts are still far Superior compared to the CG top ends. Full iron jug means no more stripped threads and so on.
I will also have to do my normal port work throughout and balance the crank. when moded i should get around 9-10 hp and top at 55-65mph

word is if everything is done correctly with care and proper break in. these kits can last a long time. only parts I have to buy to run stock is a reed, carb and for good measure a HD clutch spring. I got everything else. later i can get the good bearings seals and so forth.

Decided on this hybrid over the rest because of HP for $ ratio, Reliability, time in the market, mod capabilities and the crazy powerband these nasty lil monkeys have.. If at some point jug needs replaced or im pushing for even more crazy power all i have to do is throw the athena jug and piston on it. Then send it. pulling the trigger at noon today