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    Hey ya'll. I'm very excited to find this site! Guess I'll introduce myself and hopefully post a couple pics. Everyone loves pics, right!

    My background is vintage BMX, from the days when it wasn't vintage. I've restored and sold many builds all around the world and it's always been my true passion. Still have a few projects in the works from that field.

    But cycling and equipment has always fascinated me and a few years ago I tiptoed into building e-bikes. Over that time, utilizing mostly W-E systems I've completed a dozen or so and learned a lot. Though my knowledge is nowhere near complete.

    The past couple months I got the itch to try gas power. Not really sure why, except I saw one or two around town and couldn't stand to put it off any longer. If I'm able to post some pics successfully here, I'll post some of my e-bikes in the appropriate forums.

    Again, so happy to 'stumble' across this site and look forward to receiving and maybe passing along some advice. If the pics come through, the white one was my first try, (jumping off point). The black DB I just finished today. Both BGF motors, and have been a blast to build and ride.

    Yes. I'm long winded a bit. Thanks for having me! 005.jpg


  2. Anton

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    Nice bikes! Welcome to the site.
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    Cool. Now if you want to unleash the hidden power in them just click on my signature link. I had an e-bike and loved the concept and the noiseless ride but hated the lack of power and speed and how I couldnt stray far from home because of the limited range. Now if I can just develop the quietest 2 stroke exhaust ever made then I will be happy.