2 stroke to 4 stroke swap

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by RIOT, Jun 12, 2009.

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    You can keep the rear sprocket...but some 4 strokes like a higher tooth count depending on what you have. You can keep the throttle too. You just need the motor mount, engine and gearbox.
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    The pulling up to the pump thing is a much larger plus then I thought it would be. Gas n go
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    That downtube isn't gooseneck and might have difficulty fitting the engine tray. You need about 180mm minimum measuring horizontally between the downtube and the seat tube just above your chainguard and you mightn't have that on your bike. Even 180mm makes it hard to assemble - more is better. Vertically you need 305mm min between the top of the chain guard just out from the seat tube vertically up to the bottom of the top tube.
    You also need a 48T rear sprocket and those forks are very rigid with no spring in them. Rigid forks on some Schwinns actually have quite a lot of spring because they are made to flex. You can reuse your tank as well as your throttle. You also want the axle lugs to be good and strong because the speeds are higher with a 4-stroke and some cheap cruiser frames just don't cut it at the axle lugs (Micargi etc are all too flimsy around the lugs)