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    Hello, recently I've had a bit of an incident with my motor bike (which I'd rather not go into detail with). My main problem now is that I need to replace one of the tires for my bike, but being that it is such an uncommon tire I am having a hard time finding a replacement. It is a 29 x 1.125 inch Kylin-Brand tire, and I need to replace the tube, the tire, and the tire liner. The wheel itself is okay, and the other tire is undamaged, so I would prefer to just be able to buy the same one that I already have, but I can't find it anywhere online. If anyone knows what I should buy and where to buy it so that I won't have to drop a huge amount of money I'd really appreciate it.

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    Isn't it a 700c
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    I am having the same problem fining 27.5 x 2.125 with a street tread. All the ones I find are for off road.
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    this makes me think of things like this...

    this man is very rich!

    over in places like that...you get a 27 inch tyre. thats it. you go to a shop (after the half day trek getting there) and thats it. 27 inch. take it or leave it. no sodding around with profiles or hard to find sizes or special tread patterns. just..."its 27 inch, baas"...

    note the rod brakes. bulletproof...if not very effective.

    but he can now get to work, market, whatever...without walking. in the next year or two he can buy ANOTHER bike!