For Sale 3 Motorized Board tracker bikes

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by neicull, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. neicull

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    I have three gas powered bicycles and quite a few extra parts. These all have the 1920's era board tracker inspired cruiser look. Low, skinny, and quick. Vintage style with modern components and great reliability.

    Bike #1 - $400 obo - includes the following
    * Cimatti Tank
    * Board track style handle bars
    * Springer Forks
    * 28" 32 spoke Premium wheel set
    * Brooks Saddle
    * Front Brakes
    * Board Track Seat Post
    * Bi-pod Kickstand
    * 2-stroke SkyHawk Motor.
    * Internal Wiring
    * Welded motor mounts and tensioner mount
    * Dark Blue Powder coated
    * 36 tooth rear sprocket for top speed
    * NGK plugs and upgraded plug wires
    It has about 25 hours on it. It's broken in. This is a quality build.

    Bike #2 - I also have another flat brown colored bike for $200 obo, runs strong seat needs to be welded/remounted
    Bike #3 - I also have another black bike for $150 obo.

    All these bikes run and ride fine. I recently tuned them up and they're ready to ride. Experience with these kits would be ideal. Like any bike and motor they need the occasional tinkering.

    Parts - I have spare carburetors, spare sprockets, among many other misc motorized bike parts.
    $650 for all three and parts. OBO.

    Also willing to trade for a decent front hub electric kit. We can work out a full trade or partial.


    Videos and more pics of all three here:
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  2. Racie35

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    looks like great deals for somebody....nice
  3. gildedsplinters

    gildedsplinters New Member


    Any chance you would ship? Interested, but won't be heading south for a few months. Great looking bikes!
  4. neicull

    neicull Member

    Thanks, I'm hoping someone else can enjoy them like I do.
  5. neicull

    neicull Member

    We could try and set up for shipping. Not sure what costs would be involved.. but lets both look into it and see what we come up with. I'm imagining we'd have to ship them all individually.
  6. gildedsplinters

    gildedsplinters New Member

    Was interested more in just one bike. Do you have a guesstimate on weight for one bike? Would love to buy them all, wife would say otherwise!
  7. neicull

    neicull Member


    I'm guessing each bike weighs about 75-80 lbs.

    The #3 black bike has been sold.
  8. phatnguyen0911

    phatnguyen0911 New Member

    Gas Tank

    I'm looking for that kind of gas tank. Can you sale it for me or let me know how can I buy it somewhere else? Thanks
  9. neicull

    neicull Member

    I can't part them out off these bikes.
    I sold about 30-40 of them a few years back.. not sure where to get them now. The are vintage Cimatti and Sachs tanks. Good luck.
  10. Bender

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    Hey, I'm interested in one of the two remaining bikes. Did you ever figure out shipping? I live in Iowa, zip code 52245, let me know if you would be interested in shipping and can determine a shipping cost.
  11. neicull

    neicull Member

    I think shipping one of these bikes assembled is going to be in the $200-$225 range. There's a handful of options to do it through. I'd require that the buyer set up shipping but I'd be willing to fulfill any requirements on my end to make it happen. Hope that helps.

  12. sskateorrdie

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    I pm'ed you about the brown bike, i really hope you can back to me soon
  13. neicull

    neicull Member

    All three have sold.