43cc Viper engines on eBay for cheap

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by lowracer, Sep 25, 2013.

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    Wow BINP too........you come across any HS or GX50s priced like that pm me, don't put it in a thread ok. lololol
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    Hey thanks a million! My Tanaka just blew up, and I was going to get one like that from Monster for $150.
  4. lowracer

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    What happened to the Tanaka?
    Let us all know how these Viper engines perform since I dont own one.
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  5. happycheapskate

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    I still have 1 of 2. The most heavily used one busted the crankshaft after a couple years of WOT running. I think with the air boot and velocity stack it was running wayyyyyy over the factory specified RPM limit (8500 in the mfgr. website). The crankshaft split between the flywheel and counterweight, inside of the bearings. The engine still rotates ok. Compression is good, and it moves smoothly with the plug out. The seal was so tight I had to use a screwdriver to pry the flywheel side out by leveraging it. Looks rebuildable, but I'll save it for later, since these vipers are going for $50 shipped. A dang Tanaka crankshaft is $100. :detective: 2 engines for that! If each lasts a year it's well worth $50, but with care they may last a long time. They're sold on garden tillers and scooters.
    Probably not as sweet as a Tanaka but it likely beats pedaling with all the groceries in tow.

    I'll get my wife to make a ride video when I get one installed and a few test runs.

  6. happycheapskate

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    The engine is here. It looks good. Same as Monster Scooter. Buy!

    I'll try to get one mounted tomorrow and run it, make a driveway video or something. I know they have to break in, but we can see what it does. I expect it's probably strong as the Tanaka, especially at one RPM range.
  7. lowracer

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    Let us know what you think of the Viper once you get it rolling.
  8. Grubber

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    Got one in yesterday

    Couldn't get it started so did some troubleshooting. Wasn't getting gas pumping the bulb. Checked the fuel filter. The cast metal part was bad. The 'hole' in the tube was blocked - couldn't blow through it, held up to light there was nothing shining through. Probably drill it out easy enough, but not a good sign. Took the filter off for now.

    Next found the air filter was installed crooked and had pinched the fuel line closed. Loosened the screw so it wasn't pinched and the motor started right up. Fairly loud, but not terrible. Installed on a staton friction drive. Throttle cable needs a pretty small bead. Not the smoothest motor - at idle the whole bike was like a giant vibrator. Miley Cyrus would love it. Probably smooth out after break in.

    Given the issues, maybe these were seconds or returns. Nothing that can't be dealt with for the price.

    Guess I registered five years ago, but this is my first post. Go me.
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    Sorry for the delay. I still have them, but some things have come up so I haven't finished it yet.